Sunday, April 12, 2009

This week in pictures...paparazzi

TheCount could not understand the concept of paying to go into a park. He was downright irate about it...and it wasn't even his money. He was looking for gold paved paths.

On Saturday TheCount and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary :) I had all sorts of plans to celebrate, but our niece wanted to come up and spend the weekend with us. Which means my chocolate covered strawberries and shrimp ring didn't get utilized to their full potential. To celebrate, here are some lovely pictures of us hiking a few weeks ago. My daddy is like paparazzi, he pops up out of nowhere with his super expensive fancy camera that I try to duck and dodge.
So, a certain hater *coughTheCountcough* informed me that I looked like a twelve year old. I was so pressed to carry my book bag incase some trail pirates tried to kidnap me. I had an orange, water, a jacket, and a change of clothes. It was sooooo not that serious!

I think I'll try and post more pictures this week (as soon as TheCount stops staring over my shoulder protesting, lol).


Anonymous said...

i think that you may need a new name for the count...cuz he doesnt really look like the count in these pix...awww yall went hiking! how nice...but ummm you need to make those chocolate covered strawberries work ;) lol

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