Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jammie Jam wrap up

You sorry suckas didn't even join the prayer circle! Mostly lurker Jazzy came out and supported me, thanks! Well I had a great time! I got up to the resort and had to buy some pajama's and pick up dinner for my overnight roomies. When I got to the hotel to change, my niece was in the middle of the room butt nekkid. I brought in some pizza for us so I told her to put some clothes on:
Me: Little girl, put some clothes on
Niece: But you know me
Me: Yeah, and I know you're nekkid. We don't eat nekkid. It's not acceptable.
Niece: But you're my aunt.
Me: And you're nekkid, go cover your butt!

My sisnlaw chased her down and put some panties on her so I could eat in peace.

I'm not going to lie, when I got to the place I did sit in the back corner because I didn't know anybody and my sisnlaw was in the back getting ready for the fashion show. It was cool though, the speaker was really good! She got up there she was talking about how somebody commented on how long her hair had gotten. She looked at them and said, "girl, it's unbeWEAVEable what God can do!" Y'all I was falling out laughing especially because she was a white woman in a room full of black women! She was up there dancing while singing "Brick House," it was great! That night we had smoothies and popcorn set up for midnight snacks and then I found a friend and went to hang out. At about 1:30am my sisnlaw texted me to make sure I was ok, and told me they were going to bed (good!). I made all sorts of new friends with the young ladies at my church which was great. We played games, had a dance off (I did NOT participate) and they did the limbo. It was some good clean fun! It was funny because we were coming up with nicknames for ourselves and one girl was like, "I'm forest fire. Because I burn...but not like an STD." Everybody was just staring at her before we cracked up (I'm guessing she meant she's on fire for Jesus, lol).

Anyway, I left their BEAUTIFUL hotel with the waterfront room to drive down the street to the hotel my sisnlaw, niece, and random stranger were staying to go to bed. I got in about 3 and my 6 year old niece is staring at the tv in a trance. She doesn't get to watch tv during the week so when she can watch it, she gets it in! This little chick didn't go to sleep until 6am! I was awakened at 8am with my sisnlaw talking nonstop! Y'all why TheCount aint tell her about me? She was getting on my nerves with story after story. Then my niece wakes up and starts hugging and kissing me. God bless her sweet little heart, but I pushed her and told her to get out of my face. I stayed in bed for an hour as an act of rebellion since nobody would be quiet. I didn't completely act out though, even when my niece brushed her teeth for 20 minutes. She doesn't even have any teeth! All of my threats to knock out her remaining teeth if she didn't get out of the bathroom were ignored. Why don't people take me seriously?

I was a taste bit cranky all day since my morning started off rocky ( I did have a really good breakfast at Denny's but I got so mad at my sisnlaw for being SOOOO greedy then complaining about her gut, that I couldn't fully enjoy my meal), so I scheduled in some me time. Everybody planned to stop at the outlets, but I dipped out so I could shop alone. I ended up with a bright yellow nine west bag (my momnlaw found me in that store and helped me pick it out), 2 polos, and a cute BCBG sweater. I successfully avoided having a partner for the majority of my trip, then I made my way home. I walked in to find a spotless empty house! I was walking through here cheesing, then I passed out on the couch. When TheCount came home he had flowers and a new vacuum for me :) Oh my, it was wonderful!

Too bad I snapped on TheCount Sunday morning, lol. I literally screamed at him as he was telling me to get up for church. I really had to apologize cuz it got ugly in there.
Anyway, our church is doing a series on marriage, it's for married and single folks so I'm compiling a lot of the information so I can give you guys some. It's been really, really good.

Let me stop blabbing. TheCount just hit me in the eye with a grape and I need to go attack him.


Therapeutic Musings said...

Sorry Jazz, I was feeling extra snazzy when I wrote and decided to name you Jazzy, lol. You can now reclaim your real name!

SimplyB said...

It's good that you had a great time and coming home to a clean house AND flowers AND a new vacuum has always been dream of mine. LOL

Jazz said...

TM ,

Its perfectly fine - people call me Jazz or Jazzy all the time . Im glad you had a good time on your trip :)

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