Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This week in pictures...Work it out

I just finished my daily workout. I did Cardioke with Billy Blanks Jr. let me just tell you I thought I was going to die! TheCount was watching and encouraging me and laughing at my general lack of balance. After Cardioke I did a 10 minute butt workout followed by a 10 minute ab/back workout. All of the workouts are available on Comcast On Demand for free :) I will be doing these nightly! I was sweaty by the time I finished, but I had so much fun. I'm going to hop in the shower in a few minutes cuz I just might stink, but I'm so proud of myself. A lovely picture of myself prompted my increased work out schedule. Wanna see it, here it go:

Ok, who told me to tie my book bag right above my gut? This is such an unflattering body shot of me. But hey, it's inspiration. I can promise you that it won't look like this come summer time! Oh and that's MommaTm, she's where I got my big forehead from, but I'm much better at covering mine :)

Until I get this belly under control, all pictures will be like this, lol. I carry huge purses and they will be my camouflage. BTW, my momma is in her camouflage pose, she always jumps in the back and puts her hand to her face, cover the body and the chins (shoot, fake it till you make it). That face TheCount is making is his "what are you doing" face. I see this about 20 times a day. "Why are you screaming/singing/jumping on the couch/flailing your head about like a rockstar/pinching my butt/breakdancing/biting my eye?" All of which I did tonight and had to look at that face. (But aint he cute though!)

Reason 432 I need lasik: I really do look 12 with my glasses on. Gosh darn it, the hater was right.


SimplyB said...

The bookbag is clearly making ur stomach look like that.

You wanna see a gut? I will promptly be checking out my on demand this evening.

kisz4tj said...

I hear Lasik is fabulous, but I don't think you look 12! lol...You could get frames to jazz it up.

There is a woman at my job that coordinates her frames with her clothes...she looks cute. My mother has taken to doing the same.

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