Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cheese & Pasta Mini Cups

Did I blog about these already? Oh well, even if I did, let me reiterate, you need to go make them. Hopefully these emailed posts will post in order or else this will sound dumb:

Today is recipe day, Tasty Thursday! Scroll down and see some of the best of the best I've made over the past two weeks and go make them. I'm going to be mad at y'all if you don't make them. Seriously, are y'all going to make them? Get to cooking people!


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via foodgawker by somaR on 9/25/09

Cheese & Pasta Mini Cups

Cheese & Pasta Mini Cups - a fun way to have your mac n cheese.Great for kids.


Things you can do from here:



Christen said...

those look really good. I'll have to try that

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