Thursday, December 3, 2009

Changes for the better

I'm at work this morning looking the fool because all the auditors and consultants are here and my boss isn't. I don't know where the people are supposed to go, what I'm supposed to give them, or anything. I was like, "heyyyyyy, here's the kitchen. We have free coffee, tea, soda, juice, and water, go crazy!" I never was one for professionalism, lol. Did I mention I couldn't wear shoes today? Due to my blatant refusal to take my medicine, I haven't been able to wear real shoes all week. Don't worry, TheCount AND our pastor have both told me I better stop being foolish. So starting today I will be back taking my medicine :)
Moving right along, I feel much better today than I did yesterday. I ended up taking a nap in my car halfway through the workday because I was that tired. When I got home last night I fell asleep for about 3 hours then TheCount and I had a lovely Bible study together since we missed church. At midnight we both decided that we had so much important stuff to do. I was in the kitchen baking caramel pecan tarts, and baked potatoes. He was in the kitchen doing laundry and dancing. We had a grand time for almost 2 hours just singing and dancing in the kitchen. So much fun that I left the whipping cream out of my recipe. I haven't tasted the tarts yet, but we'll see if I made a huge error. This is why I always make test food when I'm cooking for other people. Earlier this week I made sweet potato pecan tarts. They were good, but not what I want to sit out as my dessert at a potluck party. I wanted to make a cake- until I realized my idiot self doesn't have any round cake pans. Or a cake carrier, or even a cake stand. I also realized that I need a food processor, my tart crust probably would have come out a bit better if I wasn't using my hands as the processor. I'll put it on my Christmas list, that and a blender. Hopefully both of my parents will get me a gift this year!
I have a hair appointment today with a new lady that hopefully will be able to do my big chop for me on January 2. My mom went to her last week and she said I should like her. Would you believe my momma tried to refuse to let me go to her hairdresser? Just because I threatened to burn the last hair lady's shop down doesn't mean I'm the problem. SHE was the problem, old rude self telling me I was too young to get married. Shut up and flat iron my hair you old bitter woman. The other hairdresser I went to didn't know how to talk to her daughter properly. Telling your 6 year old she's getting on your nerves while you have her sitting in this closet sized room watching CNN everyday after school is not acceptable. She's bored woman, give her something to do! The other hairdresser I actually liked, but then she started talking about that stupid body magic crap and I was ready to go home. She also doesn't know how to answer the phone or return calls- must not need my business then. I promise I'll do better with this hairdresser (unless she's rude...).
I'm about to go through my recipe folder to find an appetizer for Kelly (go over and submit one too). It has been brought to my attention that I am a hater, so I'm going to go try and play nice with the other bloggers. LOL


Jazz said...

you are so not a hater, you're a realist ... I need for you to have some shoes at the job kthanksbye .

Jameil said...

ROTFL @ you going through hairdressers like buses! Miss one, next 15 one coming! Lolol. I know a woman who has a different hair dresser for different needs-- perm, color, cut, roller set. She is not a game! And they don't make any of the lists if they keep her waiting! That's what I'm talking about! I'm with Jazz. NO SHOES!??! I try out new recipes on people all the time. Sure do. Without the testing phase! Lol.

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