Monday, December 28, 2009

Gift Awards!

Well I had an enjoyable Christmas holiday! How was yours?
On Christmas Eve we went down to my parent's house. TheCount went to deliver presents to the nieces and nephews and I stayed and baked cookies. My auntie came over to make her dressing so I stayed up with her and my mom until about 3 am working in the kitchen. TheCount and my sister had enough of the cooking and stuff around midnight and went downstairs to watch movies together. Even though I said I didn't want to see the movie I was still mad they didn't even invite me on their date- ingrates.
Christmas morning I went running through the house at 9am repeating, "It's Christmas, everybody brush your teeth, put on a bra, and report to the tree!" It's a shame I had to send 2 people back for not wearing a bra, and one person back for not brushing their teeth. We finally got around to opening presents around 9:20. Now, let's have gift awards!
The Most Creative award
 There is a play going on in town and when we heard the commercial in the car one day I said, "ohh, that sounds good." Then another time in the car I said, "you know, I love plays and ballets and concerts. I'll be glad when we have all sorts of extra money to spend going to them." Now, on Christmas day there was a huge box under the tree with my name on it, but it was very light. We always change the packaging on gifts to prevent snoops from figuring it out, so I knew it would be something small. Inside the box there was tons of shredded paper and a note that said, check your email. I picked up my phone and checked my email and saw the confirmation for tickets to see the play! They were so slick with it! I didn't even notice anybody get up to go send me the email :) I can't wait to go see The Screwtape Letters.
The You didn't buy this, did you? award
When I opened up the webcam that my mom said was from my dad, he said "ohhh, what's that?" LOL I knew he didn't go get me anything, my mom and sister were covering for him. He never gets me anything, so I'm quite used to it now. Although, next year I will be calling him and getting his credit card number so I can buy myself a gift.
The Wait! One more! award
After we finished opening presents, I refused to get up from the tree. I just knew there was another gift! My mom had called me the week before asking if she should get my sister a Juicy Couture perfume set. Since I love those perfumes I begged her to get it for me. Y'all I sat there just waiting and saying, "ohhh let's just wait, let's just wait." When my momma finally got fed up with me prolonging the day, she asked what I was waiting for. I was like, "I saw juicy couture wrapping paper. Where did it come from?" She started cracking up, she had forgotten all about that present- but I got my perfume :)
The Thanks, I really need this! award
 TheCount got me 2 games for my DS- I've been without games for months now because I beat them all and sold them back to the store. MamaCount got me a garment steamer. If you've seen the curtains in my bedroom- you'd know it was much needed! SisterTM got me some cardigans that go perfectly with my look for 2010. I cannot wait!
What about you? Do you have some gift awards you want to mention? Ohhh, let's add one more category in case you got a gift you didn't like, but you don't want to be ungrateful and call the person out. You can do it here! Sound as ungrateful and mean as you want- I don't judge! Here's mine:
Oh No You Didn't! or Don't Front! award
My SIL got us a $25 gift card to B. Smith's restaurant. Except she got it from, so I know she only paid $2, and we have to spend a certain amount to even use it and the restaurant is nowhere near our house and we never go to DC which is where the restaurant is. Know what happened the last time we tried to be like the cool kids and hang out in DC? Our car got stolen. The restaurant is right down the street from there. The funny thing is, she kept calling us asking what we wanted and when we told her, she said ok, she'd get it. I guess we didn't make the priority list this year :)


Jazz said...

You shouldn't have award : my cousin cicely bought me a coach keychain

Oh no you didnt - goes to two ppl : my aunt- for buying me a makeup kit , thanks but I like picking out my own eyeshadow. the other person is my "father" for buying me a tennis bracelet .... that didnt fit

but I had a really good Jesusmas . Im glad yours was good and no one got on your nerves . Oh yeah, my mom , cousins and I almost had to fight somebody on Christmas day...

Jameil said...

ooh gift awards! me likey. i would love tix to a show, too! i like the idea of switching up box sizes! fun! wait! one more! goes to my mom b/c i thought she had one gift for me under the tree & there were 3! :) most creative goes to my sister for designing a shirt for me. the you didn't pick this out or wrap this goes to rashan & my mom. i picked out & wrapped their gifts for each other. lolol. i need this: mom for the glassware storage containers!

kisz4tj said...

This is hysterical! I'm mad your momma forgot about the

pserendipity said...

The HELL YEAH!! Award went to Tim this year. The "What Were We Thinking Award" went to us for buying a GI Joe headquarters with a thousand pieces and stickers. The "You Shouldn't Have" award went to us from Aidan -- when he started playing with all his OLD toys.

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