Wednesday, December 9, 2009

TM is totally self centered

I'm working from my client's building for the rest of the week. It's quite dreary here, but my commute is cut in half, so that makes me happy!
People really need to get hip to TM's rules for life. I've had to school TheCount and Jazz this past week because they clearly missed my class. On the first snow of the season you must eat grilled cheese and tomato soup. If you don't like grilled cheese and tomato soup (you're crazy) and need to find an appropriate hot sandwich and soup combination to welcome the snow. Also, when it's snowing, the only fruits allowed are orange fruits (tangerines, tangelos, oranges, clementines). One final rule, in December you must eat Clementines in excess. Seriously, like 5 or 6 a day. It's the official fruit of December. Don't fight the rules, just follow.
Lately I've been trying to figure out why the bathroom rugs are so dirty. Normally I can just throw them in the dryer on air fluff once a week and I'm good to go, but lately I've had to do full washes. I got out of the shower this morning and TheCount was brushing his teeth fully dressed with his work boots on.
Me: What the heck are you doing? Why do you have your shoes on in the bathroom standing on the rugs?
TheCount: I'm about to leave.
Me: But you're not gone. Those shoes go by the door and stay at the door. Don't you have to go out of it to leave? Put your shoes on last and don't ever wear them in the bathroom again!
TheCount: Sigh, alright babe.
Is it just me? I don't like wearing shoes in the house period (we have cream carpet), but definitely not on my bathroom rugs. Maybe if it were a half bath that people have in houses that just have a toilet and sink, but I don't think shoes should be worn where I bathe, it makes me feel dirty.
My sister comes home for winter break on Monday :) I have about 3 weeks to convince her that when she graduates from FAMU in May, she needs to move back up here. She wants to live in Georgia with my cousin for a while and try to get a job down there. Is it wrong that I told her I'll only pray for her success in Maryland? It's selfish as all get out, but I miss my sister y'all!
I finally broke down and emailed my best friend because we haven't really talked in over a month (except for the day she dropped by the apartment last month and I spent her entire visit trying to make her go home- I sound so mean today). I didn't want to really talk to her because I was so tired of the complaining. I asked how she was, she emailed back "overwhelmed". I gave in and asked what was wrong, it's funny how well she knows me. She said, "TM I don't want you to get mad at me, it's the same stuff I'm always complaining about, but I'm trying to do better. I've been reading that book you gave me {Everyday Deserves a Chance by Max Lucado (my favorite author)} and it's really helping. I realized I'm the type of person he's talking about, always worrying and complaining, and how nobody wants to be around that." I was so happy to hear that, I miss my friend! It's not that I don't ever expect people to have problems or anything, part of friendship is about helping each other through storms, but if it storms every single second of every single day? Guess what? You need to  move. It's not even big stuff. She's 24, has graduated from college, has a good job, lives with her parent's rent free, and is only responsible for her bills. What  in the the sam hill (is that right?) can you be complaining about every day!? Seriously, you're only responsible for you. She has a boyfriend, but that should be an enhancement. If he's that much of a burden- leave! Y'all ain't married and there are no kids involved. Maybe I should be saying this to her and not you guys. Let me get off my soap box and go eat a clementine.


Jameil said...

The last line is hilarious. I don't like grilled cheese OR tomato soup. YUCK. Never had a clementine. Maybe I'll go get one since for you they save the world. I don't do shoes on bathroom rugs either!! YUCK!! I'm so glad the book helped!! Maybe I'll get it, too!

Jazz said...

I dont like tomato soup , heck I dont like tomato products , other than ketchup and spaghetti sauce . Is chili suitable enough for you?

Serenity3-0 said...

LMAO. I totally agree that I can't see ONE thing she should be unhappy about, unless her health is at risk or something. Otherwise, shut the heck up and enjoy life.

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