Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December already?

The year is over y'all! This year went by so quickly I'm too scared to blink because I don't want to miss Christmas. Almost all of the goals that I set for our family have been reached, with the exception of paying off our school loans. The year isn't up yet, so if anybody has a couple thousand lying around, feel free to help us reach our goal!
For the month of December I've decided that I'm not going to eat out. No drive thru's, no "I must have tacos al carbon for lunch today," and no Domino's cheesy bread Saturday snack. I am only allowed to get food from the grocery store or the grocery section of a store. This means that I have to be extra prepared because when I'm ripping and running on some days, I'm not at home to cook. I'm going to have a standby sandwich to carry with me (I'm not even joking). Thankfully there are so many holiday parties coming up that I shouldn't miss eating out too much. I have a party this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday so I don't have to worry about food this weekend.
It's Christmas shopping time! Every year at Christmas time, I get a lot of new clothes. It's like I walk in the store and get distracted and I swear my size is always like 90% off and I just have to buy it. When I write out my list I fare a lot better than walking in the store trying to figure stuff out, here we go:
TheCount: 2 watches (I ordered them for his birthday, but they didn't get here in time, they shipped today so Merry Christmas dude!)
MamaTM: she wants a suit- but not a black one, she wants a church suit. Where do you buy church suits? 
PapaTM:  Since he has a catering business I like to get him stuff that will further his business. Catering technique books, knives, etc. but he doesn't seem to care or even like his gifts...oohhh that knife sharpener Monica talked about on her site!
SisterTM: I really don't know what to get her. She graduates from FAMU in May, she's 21, I always get her clothes- ehhh, I won't deviate. If y'all have any good ideas- let me know.
Mama & Sister Count: Smell goods from Vicky's Secret- already purchased. Perhaps another small thing, those 2 chicks don't need ANYTHING!
Boss:  I don't know if I'm supposed to get her anything, I got her a small brooch last year. She never actually said anything about it, but she does have the ornament that I attached to the box hanging up in her office.
Work Best Friend: Satin pillowcase and some Biotin (I got her ant spray and Febreeze for her birthday- this is a come up- and it's how we became friends)
Best Friend I've been avoiding: I've been meaning to get her some lakers gear, maybe I finally will. Or another devotional book but they don't work if you don't read them :(
Blog Secret Santa: I don't even know yet, but I've been looking...
Any gifts that you're looking forward to buying for people this year? Do you have some creative gifts planned? Serenity3-0 needs socks in case anybody was wondering.


Serenity3-0 said...

LMAO! For your sister, I'd also throw in some type of book or something that is going to speak to her at this graduation stage in her life. I don't know maybe a book about landing your first dream job or write it down make it happen? Something useful. I usually buy my sister clothes too, but clearly she needs something else this year b/c she ain't progressed a bit since graduating college. maybe I'll tell Tyler i need socks and he can save up and get someone to carry him to the store to buy them. LOL

laughing808 said...

For suits I suggest Burlington Coat Factory or hit an outlet that has a Kasper, I loves their suits.

I have to write out my Gift list again. Seems I forgot and the only person I'm finish shopping for is my stepfather.

pserendipity said...

Hey! Um, yeah. I was just wondering if you had won anything over on Kelly's blog. What? No? I DID!!!!!


That was for you being a hater. Now back to our regularly scheduled blog fodder.

Jameil said...

Too many of my people read blogs but I guess my mom is safe! I'm getting her this book she's been wanting, a blender & 7 dvds between me and Rashan. She has recently become movie obsessed so here I am adding to it! Lol. When I was finishing undergrad I loved clothes, jewelery & electronics. I say keep giving your friend a devotional book along with the rest of her gift. It may be the thing she reaches for in a difficult time. I didn't read the ones my mom gave me until I was ready. And when I was ready they were awesome! I'm so underwhelmed by Rashan's gift b/c it seems so impersonal but that's what he wants. Bah. No fast food??? WOW! lol @ gifts for work best friend!

Jameil said...

oh yeah and i usually get suits for dept. stores or the talbot outlet. (though both of those have been skewing very matronly for me lately but for a mom, should be fine)

SimplyB said...

I can't believe it is December either! I have 17 days off and absolutely nothing planned.

Great gift ideas TM!!

I created a list of 10 things I wantes and my S/O did the same. We agreed to get 3. I've purchased two of the gifts already (they came to the office yesterday) and I am so happy!! I mentioned to him last night that nothing on his list costs less than $50 while I have some cheap things on mine (magazine subscription, Boomerang DVD LOL). I know it was wrong of me but I told him that if he gets me the three cheapest gift EVERYTHING is going back **hangs head in shame**

With my family we are doing secret Sanata and I picked my mom. All she ever wants is clothes so I am 90% done with her. I always get something for my kid brother and my two little nieces.

Jazz said...

TM - im graduating from college in may too ! ok , mommy wants usher ur the giftset , and I am gonna cave in and buy some more of the perfume that smells like Ushers armpit ... my sperm donor is getting a hot headz- a hood that he can wear 6 different ways oh and granny is getting scratch offs ... works for me

kisz4tj said...

White socks to be exact! lol

I would suggest BCF for suits as well. I've gotten a few there myself.

If I could press pause on time for 3 days I would. It's going by tooo fast. How am I going to fit it all in??

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