Friday, December 18, 2009

This is a tre, not a pair of shoes

Can somebody please explain to me why we are supposed to get 10 inches of snow tomorrow? and another question:
WHY THE HEEZY DIDN'T ANYBODY TELL ME CHRISTMAS TREES COST SO DANG MUCH? Growing up we always had real trees, all the lots in our town had signs that said any tree on lot $25. Some fancy places said $25 and up, but we always got a $25 tree. Let me tell you what happened last night.
  • I got off work and ran to the store, I thought we were getting 5 inches of snow so I went and got a box of clementines, some milk, and bread. Then I went to Target and Old Navy. The Old Navy didn't have any men's jammies so I decided to go to the one by my house, they were sold out too. I got TheCount some Christmas boxers instead.
  • I went home and started cooking dinner (thanks for the recipe Jamiel, I didn't have sour cream yesterday, but I'll definitely be making that soon). My sister got the house around 7. Technically, disappointed sister showed up, buttttt since she wasn't upset with me, it was cool. TheCount could hear her in the kitchen going off on why she was mad (it's a doozy, pray for my family y'all- for real) so he let her finish and then he lightened the mood with jokes and picking her up and spinning her around (yes, like a 3 year old). We ate dinner around 8:15ish.
  • We left to go get the tree after dinner, drove the .4 miles to the tree lot, got out, walked over to the cutest little 3 foot tree and read the price tag- $55. SisterTM and I walked around and was like ohhh no and hopped back in the car.
  • I decided to go to Home Depot- except I got confused and pulled up to Lowes. Lowes is right by Ulta- except I left the coupon in my car. We went to Home Depot- but they sold out of tree stands. We looked at their trees- they were all huge. We drove all around town looking for another tree lot- couldn't find any. We checked the fire house- they didn't have any. We went to the fancy part of town- they didn't have any. We went back home.
  • I took my twists out and washed my hair.
  • SisterTM stayed over until 3am twisting my hair.
I slept in a bit this morning because my bed was so warm and toasty but I made it up and out the door in 15 minutes :) Now I'm at work rejoicing with a friend over some good news in her romantic life and praying for a member of my family that needs to get it together before he looses everything.
Is it supposed to snow where you are this weekend? Be safe you guys!


laughing808 said...

we are in the same area so yep snow is predicted for me as well. I'm hoping it comes down HARD. I am scheduled to take a final exam tomorrow and of course I'm not all that prepared, so if it snows, then they'll reschedule the exam til next week........*singing* let it snow!

Jameil said...

my mom's supposed to get snow. long as it ends before my arrival we're good! :) you're welcome for the recipe! rashan makes those for me (w/adult-sized potatoes lol). $55 for a 3 foot tree? wait until closer to Christmas. they'll continually go down. still need to try clementines.

pserendipity said...

You can get a 3 foot tree from Dollar General for $8. It might look like this Charlie Brown one that I got, but it'll be 8 bucks. If I were your Secret Santa, I woulda sent you one. :)

And it's supposed to be a sunny 58 degrees here tomorrow. Good times!

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