Thursday, December 10, 2009

Easy Parmesan Knots

These are so delicious! If I didn't think TheCount would judge me, I would have eaten them all last night. Instead, I stopped at a modest 5. I think these will be my staple meal biscuits because they are a lot easier than any of the other's I've made and just as tasty (and not covered in butter). Now I actually want to invite my family up for dinner so I can look fancy! If you can open a can of biscuits and tie your shoes (not at the same time), you can make these!


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Easy Parmesan Knots

Easy Parmesan Knots - ready in 20 minutes


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laughing808 said...

hey I actually saw this recipe earlier this year and tried it. I opted not to put the dough in knots, but they were indeed tasty.....I've even used this recipe and flatened out the dough and made flatbread, YUM!

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