Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Holiday Party

Friday night we had the company Christmas party. I was supposed to have another party to attend on Saturday, but it got canceled because of the snow. Here are a few pictures from the night :)

TheCount: "TM in her natural habitat- twittering in the midst of chaos."

\ At the Christmas party. This would be my silly face.

Her: Hey, let's act like we're drunk!

Me: I've never been drunk"

Her: Me either, let's just make faces

I was the only one that made a face, lol.

Cutest couple at the party!

I got ready for the party at "Her" house. Here is a photo from my personal photo shoot in her hall bathroom :)

The new car! The cleaning lady and our apartment in the background.

The car again, with TheCount reaching inside (so you'll know I'm not lying, lol). Well I guess that could be anybody, so I could still be fake internet pimping. I'd probably pick a better car to pimp with.

FYI: I will never go back to that hairdresser again! Getting beat in the head with brushes, being forgotten in the shampoo room for an hour, 2 blow driers and a flat iron later my scalp was sore and now has scabs (i'm super sensitive to heat- especially applied to my dang scalp), and too many loud cackling women. My mommy told me I was a snob. Oh well, it's my money.


Jameil said...

i'll always be a snob if it means getting the proper service i deserve!! cute outfit in the bathroom pic!

Serenity3-0 said...

Love the outfit and I'm the same way wiht twittering everywhere I go.. It's addictive. Looks like you had fun at the party. No comment on the hair stylist, except to say "Cough~ should have done it yourself~cough"!

Jazz said...

a-friggin- dorable outfit. I am very snobbish about my hair , ie if I go to your shop and your hair looks a mess - you are not touching my hair. If your clients leave out and their hair looks a mess - no go . If I come in and I do not get what I want / my hair doesnt look like I spent 40+ dollars , nope not coming back.
Thats all she did to your hair - no feathers or curls ? Shame .
I swear that the more I read your blog , the more I realize how crazy we are , b/c some of the things you do and say are exactly what I would do /say

SimplyB said...

You looked great at the party and I was just about to say your hair looks nice especially in the bathroom shot! Sorry you had a bad experience.

Product Junkie Diva said...

WHOOOOOA i love that skirt, is it me or does it puff out at the sides? You look super cute. Please don't let them abuse your scalp any more...but LOL at your mom not wanting you to go there in the first place..
Love the vehicle!!!

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