Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Nerd Girl Stole My Title

All day long I've been trying to come up with ideas to give my Secret Santa. I don't know if it's the fact that I don't feel well, or that I shop too dang much, but it has been hard! Now, I shall ramble.
You know what I need? Some cool lunch containers. With sections and such and it would be awesome if it were microwaveable. Right now I pack TheCount and my lunches in old chinese food containers. I wonder if Santa knows where to get some cool lunch containers?
You know what else, Santa? I'm cutting my hair in exactly one month which means my big ol' head will need some decorating. I love looking at the earrings in Target. I have a big head and little ears though :) Bracelets and necklaces are cool too.
Ohhh, and I love cooking! My favorite cookbook is my Get em Girls cookbook (I only have the first one). I also have some Better Homes and Gardens cook books- but I find the flavors aren't as good in those recipes as they are in my cookbook written by the black women. What's your favorite cookbook? Do you think it would make a good Christmas gift Santa?
I think there is a bandit in our house. My luxurious white wash cloths that I use on my face keep going missing. I used to have six, but now I'm down to three. My mom makes fun of me because I'm always walking through the store looking for plush white wash cloths- but they feel so good on my face!
I probably should put on here that there is a fight about socks in our house every day. I wear TheCount's socks and he gets so mad! I really don't understand why, especially since I bought all the socks, so what's the big deal? I only wear black socks- which people seem to think is weird, but I really just don't like white socks, I haven't worn them since middle school (random fact that everybody needed to know).
Well Santa if you needed some ideas, I hope this helped. If you didn't need ideas and you already knew what you were getting me, just keep on trucking with your plan.


Mrs.Young_fashion said...

You crack me up. Old chinese containers are a staple in this house. I feel you girl. Tupperware is a necessity.

kisz4tj said...

Only black socks? I look at you totally different now.

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