Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Thanks- NO- Get To Work

I got some super cute sparkly heabands in the mail on Monday from Kelly! I my hair didn't look all wild, I would take a picture of me wearing them, but I'll save that for next week once I look human again.Thanks Kelly!
Yesterday my mom and sister came up to my job to meet me for lunch. While here, I took them around to meet some of my coworkers. There is a 20something black dude that I work with that I introduced them to. I knew I shouldn't have because my sister is me- but sexy. If you think I'm cute (and coworkers does), you'll think my sister is the deluxe model. As soon as we turned the corner:
SisterTM: You didn't tell me you worked with a cute dude! Is he looking for a wife?
Me: Yeah he is, but it ain't gonna be you!
SisterTM: Why not?
Me: He drinks too much
SisterTM: I can help him with that. Tell him I said hey.
Later on I delivered to message to my coworker:
Him: Well tell you sister, the feeling is mutual. She is quite attractive.
Me: That's nice, but she has a boyfriend
Him: Why you blocking? (it was funny to hear him say that because he tries to act all proper at work)
Me: I'm not blocking, but she's taken. And she's really mean anyway, I don't want you to hate me after she unleashes her fury.
Him: I can help her with that, I bring out the best in people.
I am not even gonna allow this to happen! My sister told me relay a quite spicy response to him, that made him get all wide eyed and start grinning, but I'm done passing the messages.
Guys, make sure you set up your goals for 2010. If you don't like resolutions, then skip that, but you should at least have a vision of what you want to accomplish during the year! I know you're not doing any work today or tomorrow- so get your visions set!


Jameil said...

Lol @ your sister and the dude trying to help each other! You are totally blocking!! Lolol

kisz4tj said...

You got it! :-)

Product Junkie Diva said...

Hey TM
"Why you blocking?" LOL
Thank for your great 2009 posts.
My vision, buy less, eat more..then end..hahahah kidding. I am in a wedding next year so I have to shed pounds like cats shed

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