Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Early Morning Photo Shoot

Awkward: I was just standing around the cubicles talking to my coworkers when the v.p. came through handing out presents to everybody- except me. Technically I'm not on her team, but good grief, you could have waited until I left.
I got my Secret Santa gift from Nerd Girl yesterday! I got a beautiful scarf (pictured), earrings, and a candle that smells sooooooo good. I was so happy when the mailman knocked on the door. I think TheCount was jealous because of how happy I was opening the package. When I pulled out the scarf I said, "oh yeah, I know this is from Nerd Girl" and then he mumbled something about how he wishes I would be as excited about him as I was about Nerd Girl. Sighhhh, now I have to flip out and roll on the floor when I open his Christmas present or he'll hate Nerd Girl forever.
I am so glad to be back in my regular office. My comfy chair, a computer that actually works efficiently, and fridge that is fully stocked with beverages. Oh how I've missed this place :)
It really trips me out when people put down other people's beliefs. Seriously, I don't hate on you for me Muslim/Agnostic/Atheist/Buddhist/Wiccan so why can't you just leave me and my Jesus alone? A dude I went to high school with dedicates his facebook status to something so rude toward Christianity every single day. I'm only still friends with him because he's friends with TheCount and when people want to talk to TheCount they message me, but so sorry, next rude status, and he's gone. I don't do negativity. I don't dish it out and I don't take it. It has no place in my life. Seriously, dude I hope you are 100% right and that this Jesus stuff is all mumbo jumbo. If you're right, cool, when I die I cease to exist. But if I'm right, well, I'm sorry, I tried to show you. Did that come off as harsh? I hope not, but I mean it.
Anyway, I need to run to Walmart, there is a princess nightgown with my name on it :)


Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL yes, you better get down right theatrical when you open Mr. C.'s gifts otherwise hatred toward Nerd Girl will ensue...lol
Yes, everyone has a right to believe what they want but being disrespectful towards others and what they believe is soooo unnecessary- some people, what are you gonna do???

kisz4tj said...

Love the pic!s

Jameil said...

i would've deleted that dude a long time ago. he deserves it. i don't do negativity. and actually i delete people who are Jesus-ed out on fb every day but can't manage to speak when they actually see me and/or are the biggest trouble-making hellions I know!!

aaaaanyway. ROTFL @ now I have to flip out and roll on the floor when I open his Christmas present!!! HAHAHAHA! What is up with people?? Can I like this w/o you getting bent outta shape? Lolol.

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