Friday, December 11, 2009

It's the weekend (the weekend)

It's the weekend (the weekend) It's the weekend (the weekend, the weekend). I'm actually singing that in my head as I bounce up and down in my seat at work. Normally I'm not this giddy about the weekend because I like my job and don't mind working. For some reason I'm super excited today though :) It started off this morning when I finally dragged myself out of bed, 30  minutes after I was supposed to be at work. I checked my bank statement because our lovely payroll coordinator told me I wasn't going to get paid until Christmas because I was an hour late submitting my time sheet. I emailed her right back, "I faxed it over on Friday, it didn't go through and I didn't know that until just now (on Monday) when somebody handed me my cancelled confirmation stating that your machine was busy. I do realize that I missed the deadline though, but I still wanted you to have my time sheet." I then prayed about it and said, 'hey, you can pay me now, or you can pay me later, either way, I'm going to get paid' and kept on kicking. I'm glad she was kind enough to put my information in and pay me on time.
Tomorrow I plan to get up and go to a matinee of Princess and the Frog. TheCount begged me to "at least take a child" with me. Heck no, I don't want to be distracted. My mom told me to go get my nieces- but I don't want too! They got momma's and grandmomma's AuntieTM does not want to drive an hour, pay for their movie (cuz their momma's don't ever send money), and then pay for their food (cuz their momma's always get to disappearing around drop off time). Nawwww man SisterCount and SisterinlawCount won't get me this time! I might go see Precious too, but I don't see me sitting through it. I don't voluntarily watch rated R movies because they are too much for my little brain to handle, but my mom said I should be ok. We'll see. A Pecanbon from Cinnabon will cure any post-Precious blues.
I need to give the apartment a top to bottom scrub because smells weird, lol. Too much cooking with onions and garlic in a small place with carpet and 2. MY SISTER WILL BE HOME ON MONDAY! Not that she lives with me or anything, but she may stop by from time to time. I work in the nursery on Sunday and we may be getting a new baby, I'm not sure if his 6th week birthday is this week or next week. Y'all just don't know, I love those little kiddies. The 24 months and under class is where it's at!
Tonight I think I'll finish my Christmas shopping. I need to go to Ollie's to get toiletries for the homeless ladies we're making boxes for and Marshall's to finish off my family. I had a dream last night that I was shopping and I kept begging TheCount to let me buy a gucci wallet that was marked down to $25 and he kept saying no. Then I kept on finding money in all the wallets and he still said no, even after I had over $100. I took that as a sign that I shouldn't take him to the store with me, lol.


Product Junkie Diva said...

Wow $25.00 is a great deal! Yeah I think Mr. C. will have to sit this shopping trip
Happy shopping.

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