Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Too busy eating clementines to come up with a proper title.

I only have one Christmas present left to buy :) I think I'm going to get my daddy a sweater from Kohl's or something. He's tall and skinny so it's hard to find clothes that fit him. I saw a really nice cashmere sweater yesterday, but it would have been a belly shirt on him, lol. Tonight after I hit Kohl's, Old Navy (for our Christmas jammies), Target (for boxes to put everything in), and Safeway (noodles, tomato sauce, and cucumbers),  I'll be done for the season!
I'm also going to try and go meet this new hairdresser tonight. I'm not gonna lie, I'm scared. If I don't like this lady either, I'm going to start to believe that I'm the problem. Her shop is about 10 minutes from my house, so I'll be really excited if I like her and her other clients aren't all crazy.I'm going to need y'all to say a prayer- for real. If all else fails, SisterTM and I will sit in the bathroom with scissors (I really forgot how to spell that. I was so wrong spell check didn't know what I was saying, lol)  while MamaTM and TheCount yell on the other side of the door, "don't do it." I'm pretty sure we can learn how to do it properly on you tube.
Have you finished shopping yet? Who do you still have to buy for? Do you know what you're getting them?


Nerd Girl said...

I'm not finished shopping. I haven't even really begun. I need to buy for: Smoochy, my parents, two of three brothers, my brother's girlfriend, and two secret santa exchanges. Yep, I've only finished with my child, one brother and his wife. Sigh. And I don't know what I'm getting anybody.

How'd your hair appointment go???

Serenity3-0 said...

Hmmm. I still need to buy my Aunt and sister a gift. I plan to do that this weekend. I've bought Tyler's presents and I just need to wrap them. So I think I'm good. We didn't do a tree this year, but I'm about to brave the attic to get the stockings and other small decorations down. KLet's hope nobody lives up there.

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