Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What were you thinking about?

Why oh why, did my momma call me and tell me "you better be glad I prayed for you and prayed ExBoyfriend right out of your life." I asked her why and she told me this: "His wife is pregnant, and so is his baby's mom- both by him." What the heck!? So now the tally is Baby's Mom: 2 Wife: 1. This is unacceptable. Dear Jesus, Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking him out of my life. My mom was like, "ugghhh, I couldn't imagine having him as a son in law and I sure wish his momma would stop telling me his business." When God takes people out of your life, please don't try and bring them back!  My mom said she feels bad talking to her because TheCount and I are actually doing well and she doesn't want to be the proud mama that she is and seem like she's rubbing it in.
I was supposed to have lunch with my mom and sister today, but they forgot. I talked to my mom about it LAST NIGHT and she said ok. I was so upset I just sat at work crying. It really hurt my feelings because they've made time to do everything else, but the one thing I was looking forward to won't be happening. I told all my coworkers and everything because I wanted to introduce them to my family. She said she'd try again for next week.
I'm looking forward to our Christmas Cookie Bake tomorrow. Maybe I should call my ma before she forgets about that too and I'm sitting at the house by myself looking stupid.


kisz4tj said...

awww...well your package was put in the mail yesterday. Cheer up :-)

Jameil said...

I can't believe they forgot! I get real funky when I feel like my mom & sister are leaving me out!! REAL FUNKY!!

re: ex. EW!! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!

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