Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A bunch of nothing

Why did I just go in the kitchen to warm up my snack and I see this lady putting out sandwiches I turn around for 2 seconds and turn back around to see every black employee and intern under 25 swarming her for food! Ya'll did they put out a memo? It was like 10 people in the ktichen all of them black and all of them way too excited about some sandwiches!

I went to the cleaners yesterday to pick up my pants. I paid turned around and walked right out without my clothes! Oh lord, I must have been some kind of tired.

My mom laughed me out yesterday when I told her I wanted to be a pole vaulter for the next olympics. It could happen hater!

I haven't mentioned it before but I looooveeeeee watching the olympics. I jump I scream I stay up way to late. It's great :)

Bosslady has been extraextra sweet lately. Yesterday she was in her office but not answering calls or emails. What the heck is going on? My officemate said something is going on so I'm going to make sure I'm on point because I aint going no where!

I'm going shoe shopping!!!!! I keep breaking the left heel of my shoes. When I stand I put all the weight on one leg and looking at my shoes you can definately tell :( So what are your favorite dress shoe brands? If they make your feet hurt I don't want to know about them, keep that pain to yourself!


pink said...

ummmm...i really like coach. i dont really wear heels to work (too much walkin) but when im tryna get my sexy on i have these BADASS!!! coach heels...theyre pretty comfortable for 41/2 inch pumps...i add the free pad in from nordstroms bc well...its free!! lmao

laughing808 said...

nine west

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