Friday, August 1, 2008

It's not me, it's you

I have an aunt that doesn't like me. It's my mothers sister and she lives 10 minutes from our house so I interact with her pretty often. I was thinking about her this morning because my birthday is coming up and I was bracing myself in case she decided to try and pull one of her stunts. In order to understand this story fully you need to understand 3 facts. My birthday is August 4. So is my fathers, that means we were born on the same day. We celebrate on the same day, August 4. My sisters birthday is August 5. The day after my father and me. Now on to the story........

When I was 15 I dated a white boy. "Who cares?" you ask yourself. My aunt. My racist hating behind auntie, lol. That's when she started not to like me. When I was 17 I dated a boy with a black dad and a white mom. "Who cares?" you ask yourself again, "at least he is half black." Well to my racist hating behind auntie the only thing worse than dating a white dude is dating a half white dude. She would always make snide comments and stuff that I just ignored. She acts like it wasn't a problem and will deny to high heavens that she had no issue with it, it just coincidentally coincided with the time she stopped liking me. She said she didn't like my mixed dude because he was too short for me, he was 2 inches taller than me. It is important to note at this point that my aunt is 6' 3", her last 3 husbands have been 5' 4" or shorter! Her reason for not liking me? She said I'm stuck up and I think I'm better than everybody else and my parents treat me better than they do my sister. Now, I am a lot of things (high-strung, intense, overly emotional, and dramatic) but stuck up I am not! What really gets me is that she loooovveeesssssss my sister and everybody knows that chick is stuck up and mean! Everybody in the family knows my aunt doesn't like me and we make jokes about it so I don't cry over it (anymore, lol) I just accept that it's not me, it's her.
So what does this have to do with my birthdays? Let me tell you bout this chick:

Age 20: When I turned 20 we were celebrating as a family. She called my dad and sang happy birthday on the phone and told him happy birthday. I was with him, I heard it. When she hung up we all waited for her to call my phone. It never happened! The next day she called my sister and sang happy birthday. I was with her, I heard it. 15 minutes later she called me talking about "I am so sorry, I forgot it was your birthday. I just remembered I left you out." Yeahhh okkkkkk- I got no song.

Age 21: My aunt got married on August 5, my sister's bday, so she could make the day extra special, lol. This was her second August 5 wedding.

Age 22: On my 22nd birthday I had a surprise party. My aunt was mad because my sister didn't get a surprise party so she planned a birthday event for just her and my sister. My family was really mad at my aunt because 1. she was planning to take my sister out and since I had no idea about my party I thought she was just leaving me out to be mean (which she was) and 2. my parent's weren't the people throwing the party so why was she taking it out on me. I'm not sure if I posted on this before but on my 22nd bday I had a surprise party because Jonathan planned it because that's how he wanted to propose. My evil aunt was convinced that this was a plot to make my sister feel left out so that's why she wanted to do something special for her. The funny part? My sister didn't even want to go! Instead my sister stayed in the house helping my mom with the decorations and details for my party because she was happy to see her big sister getting engaged. If I could show you guys a picture of my aunt during the party....ughhhhh her old hatin' ass (ya'll know I don't curse but it really is the only way to describe it!)

Age 23: We'll see, lol. She kind of likes me now, but only because she is in love with the count, it really has nothing to do with me!

Oh wait! One more thing. How 'bout she was hating at my college graduation too! My family was soooooo mad at her. We had a graduation/Christmas party since I graduated last December. Why did she show up an hour before the party ended (with no gift cuz she only gives me gifts when she gives my sister one) and never came downstairs to the party. She sat upstairs, in the living room, by herself. If you ever meet my aunt, you will see that that's not her personality at all! We all gave her the stank face for that one. My sister was like oh that's just too much she makes it obvious that she doesn't like you (but she'll never say anything because my aunt sends her money while she's in school, lol)!


pink said...

gurrrrrrl ur aunt is a mess!! lol thas all i have to say.

and my stories aint to grown for you!! youze bout to be murried na!! lmao...

Therapeutic Musings said...

That's what my family says when I run out of the room because somebody want's to make a sex joke! Shoot, I think I'm just a prude, maybe once I get married I'll be able to enjoy peoples sex stories, lol.

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