Friday, August 22, 2008

Wedding Wednesday: Friday Edition

Mama TM and Mama Count went out on Tuesday to shop for their dresses for the wedding. Mama Count didn't find anything but my mom came back in with 2 dresses. I went into her room to watch her try them on and I had my sister on the webcam so she could see too. The first one was very pretty but needed a few alterations, it was a nice light gold color. The second dress was a little bit more silver and when my mom stood in front of the computer to show my sister my sister screamed out "If you don't take that aluminum foil off of your body and take that mess back to the store!" We were screaming laughing. It was so unexpected, I didn't think the dress was that bad, but it's going back tomorrow. Mama TM also made Mama Count cut down her list of guests. MamaC was trippin with all those people she wanted to invite, yet she isn't putting in any money. She was cool about it and trimmed down the list so now some people I actually know will get to attend the wedding.

My dad owns a catering business with his cousin. On Sunday this woman comes up to cousin while my mom was talking to him and asks if they can cater her daughters wedding in October. This is how the convo played out:

MamaTM: Oh what day in October?
Lady: the 11th
MamaTM: Oh! That's when my daughter is getting married, what made you guys pick that date?
Lady: well she picked it
Cousin: Well we're doing Thera's wedding that day
Lady: we wouldn't need yall to do much just.....
MamaTM: Sorry they are booked
Lady: well, you know my daughters in the hospital. We almost lost her, we didn't know if she was going to make it for a while there
MamaTM: maybe you should postpone the wedding then....
Cousin: (cutting my mama off cuz he saw where this was going) Well maybe you could use "my mom's best friend that is also a caterer"
MamaTM: oops! sorry, we booked her too

When my mom told us this story on Sunday we couldn't figure out why the lady felt the need to bring up the fact that her daughter almost died. Andddd???? I mean I'm sorry but does that now make her wedding more important? I wish my daddy would be cooking for somebody else when I'm having a reception for 250ppl. Attention over here: TM has that church on lock lady, you need to change her date, all resources and people have been committed to me!


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