Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Movin' on up!

Last weekend Mama & Papa TM came along with the Count and I to go check out our future neighborhood after dark. That is the BIGGEST regret I had about the last apartment I lived in (the one that lasted 2 weeks- I blogged about it but can't find it to link it). Had I gone after dark I never would have moved there. I'm sorry but I can't do the whole neighborhood out all night, and half the neighborhood getting arrested in one swoop. Nope! TM does not need to be there :) I also didn't want it to be like last time where my second day there every dude not only knew my name (I didn't tell it to any of them) but decided that instead of Therapeutic they had the right to call me Thera, y'all don't know me like that! -when I was moving out, random dude #26156451 was hollering across the street "aww Thera, don't leave us. We got your back, it'll be ok" Dude-who are you?

Anyway as we walked around the neighborhood there were only 2 people outside and both of them were on the phone, I know how that is, my neighbors across the street now go outside to talk on the phone (although as loud as they are they only end up telling more people their business). I was very happy! There was also plenty of parking which was a concern of mine because I can't just be circling the lot all day (had to do that in school and it wasn't cool). Also there is a gas station, safeway, day spa and some other things right down the street! Like walking distance :) Yayyyy that means the count can go fill up my car for me when he gets home, or before work. As we were walking we saw people on the ground floor with their blinds wide open watching huge flat screens.

Count: Well it must be pretty safe around here

MamaTM: Why you say that?

Count: Cuz these fools just advertising what they have, and their window faces a main road! Try that mess in our neighborhood now and when you get home from work, trust, your tv won't be there!

Me: Ohhhh you think we should steal her tv?

MamaTM: you make me sad when you say things like that

Me and Count: Hahahahahahaha! ( I really do talk about stealing a lot. A whoolllleeeee lot, but I've never stolen anything. I promise!)

But people were just bold with how they let you see in the house. Which I guess is a good thing, cuz I surely enjoyed looking in their windows. Count and I did the details of our budget last night. You want to spend $15 a day on food? There's 2 of us, that $900 a month for groceries! Dude, I like to eat but not that darn much. You better take your tail down to that Safeway and catch some sales! After we worked out grocery budgets, tv, internet, phones, school loans, entertainment, the list goes on and on we then filled out the paperwork, which he is supposed to take up to the place today or tomorrow. I am one of those over planning types. I need to evaluate the worse case scenario. Have it all written out, that way I know what to expect. I don't deal well with surprises. Especially money surprises! I want to move him in the apartment on the 13th. That gives us some time to get ready. There should be a lot of good Labor day sales this weekend, so if you see some, please pass the info this way, y'all know all we have is a mattress (that he can't have until I move in, in October, so ughhh, I guess we need an air mattress for him until then)!

Oh and my cousin said we could have a lovely leather love seat. She's uppity so I knew it would be nice, lol. Prayerfully more people will just so happen to have extra furniture around!

This story is still hilarious to me. I randomly remembered it today. Skip down to the bottom 3 paragraphs.


pink said...

Child. What is wrong with you? Tell the truth you like to steal stuff. you prolly take it back to the store but hey, it was just for the thrill right? dont lie to me TM.

And that lady at the jewelry counter had me crackin up!! i told that story to someone else after i read it! lol

Therapeutic Musings said...

Trust me, I am too much of a fraidy cat to steal. I wouldn't be able to handle the embarrassment of getting exposed.

Firm hand on shoulder, excuse me ma'am, can I search your bag? I would probably faint if not die!!!!

That poor jewelry lady, lol. If I remembered what she looked like I would go back to make sure she is ok!

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