Friday, August 22, 2008

Whatchu know about Chico's?

Another Double post Friday!

Yesterday I had to go to Salisbury to do a health fair for work. Since my mom is still shopping for her mother of the bride dress (see post below) she decided to ride out there with me. So I show up at 9am because bosslady told me it started at 10 and I needed to be an hour early. I was the only fool there! Why? Because #1, it only takes 5 minutes to set up a table and #2 an email went out last week changing the fair time from 10-2 to 11-3:30. I was pissed! I know bosslady got that darn email! Anyway, the fair went well, I had a lot of fun. On the 2 1/2 hour trip back home MamaTM and I stopped at the outlets because she didn't find any good stores in Salisbury. Oh my goodness we were mad women running through those stores! Oh the sales :)

First we went in BCBC because of course, that is my favorite store. As I began grabbing things MamaTM decided we should come do that store last. We went next door to WhiteHouseBlackMarket to get our Michelle Obama on and would you believe all their pants were on sale for $19.99 and shirts for $29.99! Say what now? I went to this rack and there were 2 pairs of brown pants. One in TM's size and one in MamaTM's size. I grabbed those for us and my turned to my mom who had a pair of white pants in her hands for us. It was great! So now we have 2 of the same pair and I kept running around telling her "we're like twins almost" because that's what my sister and I used to always say when we liked the same clothes. We got those and the next great find came in Nine West. I got 2 new pairs of shoes a cute pair of low heels and some dazzling 4 inch heels. In Dress Barn I tried to assault MamaTM because she was picking up some ugly clothes! I made her get dressed and leave the store to continue on our deals of the century trip. MamaTM went into Chico's because I kept telling her that's where Michael Phelps' mom shopped (not sure if it's true by MamaTM loves all things Mike so she went). I'm standing waiting for her not really looking around because, well, it's Chico's. The saleslady comes and asks if I'm finding anything and I was like oh, I'm just waiting for her. Saleslady looks at me and declares "I have the perfect outfit for you! Ohhh but you're teeny, you probably need a size 1." Mama TM hears this obviously delusional woman's statement and tells me to turn around so she can see my rear! Apparently Chico's has developed their own sizing because my mom was a size 2.5! I was like ohhh wowwww I never thought I would have any clothing with numbers this low. If you're ever feeling fat, head over to Chico's and put on a size 1 or 2 or 3, heck any of those numbers will make you feel good! We each ended up with 2 pairs of linen pants out of there (I'm pretty sure we bought the same thing again). We head back over to BCBG to finish out our little 2 hour shopping trip and we end up with 4 dresses. MamaTM was dancing around the dressing room (we were in the same one) talking about how cute she was and the sales lady was like, oh try this and through it over and my mom was loving that too! BCBG dresses for $29????? Can't say no to that! I got a white dress with tan trim to wear to the rehearsal dinner and on the honeymoon. I tried to convince my mom to buy me a $230 bag. It was huge like a diaper bag, I was in the corner whining "please mommy, I'll have a baby next year if you get it for me!" She almost considered it until she realized that there was no guarantee. She was like you're gonna be looking at me next year talking about "I don't know why we can't get pregnant mom, maybe because I'm still on birth control, or maybe because the count uses condoms, either way, thanks for the bag!" The sales people were cracking up and she was soooo right! I aint selling my uterus for no $230 bag!


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