Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ohhh Scandolous!

I just got back from the doctor. She was saying all sorts of words I didn't want to hear and I won't repeat them because words have power. I'm about to call a specialist and go in to see her. I won't say I'm scared, but I am a little concerned. And I will be angry if what the doctor was saying turns out to be accurate. I will be angry because I have seen 2 doctor's and had 2 emergency room visits behind this. Yeahhhhhh, it's been going on for years! Anyway I would like to take this time to say Kaiser is tha bomb! She's going to email me my lab results in about an hour to rule out some things which is helpful, no long waits and stress. Woohoo!

Yesterday they decided on Bosslady's permanent replacement. Wanna know who? Wait for it.......wait for it.....her best friend! It's not as scandalous and dramatic as I just tried to make it though. I was trying to spice up my day, lol. But seriously her BFF is taking over her job. I found out the client requested the Bosslady be taken of the account, she liked the rest of us but referred to Bosslady as incompetent (she said it in a nice way though) she even volunteered to call her and explain herself, but Bossman told her that's ok, he'd take care of it. I like the new lady though. I don't know what to call her. I'll have to think on this one, she was my office sHero though. She started out in customer service and worked her way up to where she is in 4 years (that's kind of a big deal) and she has a new baby, and her wedding picture is her computer background ( I like things like that), and she's pretty with nice hair (I'm obsessed with hair). She also has a very loud, very ugly, laugh. Why is that relevant? Because when I was younger Mama TM had this conversation with me: Baby, you laugh way to loud. Why do you do that? No man wants a loud woman, especially one that starts screaming out in public. You need to tone it down if you ever want a man. It was so funny to me, because when I say "I was screaming laughing" I mean it! I can't help it, if something is really funny I scream and laugh calm down and repeat. About 4 times! If I simply can't be loud then my laugh is completely silent which usually results in my curled up on the floor shaking violently from laughter. They are equally as embarrassing! Anyway, I have to think of a name for new Bosslady. I'll have one by Tuesday.

Tomorrow I'll be at another health fair right by my house which means I'll be home by 2:30 on Friday woot woot! Start the long weekend out right :)


pink said...

Child you cant take me to the kitchen and dont feed me nothin!! I know what it is....WE IS GON HAVE A BABY, GURL!!! lol...i know i know...*in TM voice* thats not even possible [S A D F A C E] i want a baby to babysit and then give back. Plllllllease have a baby. plz? ok ok im done.

Therapeutic Musings said...

Girl I aint having no baby!!!!!!!! I am not nor have I ever been with child! Don't make me have to come get you, speaking all this craziness!

Jamila said...

Ummmm.... I laugh quite loudly myself. I mean real loud. Momma TM would be so shamed of me. Lol. I'm sending up prayers over your lab results.

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