Monday, August 25, 2008

The Conclusion of the Bosslady Chronicles

As I'm sitting at my desk on Friday taking out my braids* I see my old officemate run up to my door, jerk it open and slam it behind her:

Officemate: "Bosslady just got fired," she exclaimed!
Me: "Whhattttttttttttt," I cried loudly.
Officemate: "The receptionist just told me, apparently they are letting people go today."
At this precise moment the director of our department knocks on the door
Director: "I need to talk to you 2."
Me: "Ohhh your dress is so pretty."
Director: "Thank you. I forgot to call you 2 into my office earlier. Have you heard the news today?"
At this moment current officemate opens the door, sees Director in there and freezes.
Current Officemate: "Should I leave back out?"
Director: " No, it's fine come in. As you know I had to let Bosslady go today. Many factors played into the decision, like client satisfaction and retention. How good of a job they were doing and whether or not somebody else could do it better. There will be more cuts on Monday so don't say anything."
Seeing the instant fear in all of our eyes, she continues,"Oh, but you guys are fine! Don't worry this is the last of the cuts, I'm going home now, this has been a tiring day. But your jobs are safe, don't worry."

She leaves the room and we all stare bug eyed. She mentioned the names of the other managers that got the axe and of course we had to discuss them. My friend and black-man-brother Superhero came in at that moment. Both of his bosses got cut. He was like ummmm "what do I do now?" The rest of the day no work got done. Everybody was walking around talking about the news wondering if the other offices were having such an eventful day (they were, the stories are very sad). About an hour or so later my phone rings:

Bosslady: "Hey honey, how are you?"
Me: "I'm fine," is all I say because what do you say in this situation?
Bosslady: "Did you hear what happened?"
Me: "Yes ma'am, Director just came in and told me."
Bosslady: "I'm sorry I didn't come in and say goodbye, I just couldn't. They were very diplomatic they came in and talked to me and then let Bosslady's Friend come in and talk to me afterward. I took the back way out."
Me: "That's understandable."

She went on and asked me to pack up her things for her and called out a list of her belongings. I felt so weird in "her" office packing up her stuff. Y'all was I wrong for taking her heater for myself? Superhero was like, "oh the heater isn't hers." I turned to him and said, "duhhhhh this is going to my office!" That was the laugh of the day! I found some great supplies, cuz hey, she won't be using them!

Seriously though, I am sad that the Bosslady Chronicles have to end this way. I actually liked Bosslady when she wasn't yelling at me in front of company. I'm sure there will be many interesting stories in the days to come. I'll have to wait until I get home to post them, because I'm no fool!**

*Don't worry I wasn't yanking out weave in the office. I was unbraiding the hair in the ponytail. By the end of the day I had a huge crinkly pony tail. Would you believe they kept telling me it was cute?

**I typed this Friday night and am going to post Monday morning from my phone. You never know who's watching, and a sista needs her job, I's gettin married soon!


pink said...

yessss!! *tap dancin on my desk*

Dont fake like you arent happy gurl! you know you glad as hell.

Therapeutic Musings said...

Why did I just find out my new boss is working out of Pittsburgh??!!!!

Joining pink to tapdance on the desk! Whatttt????? Nobody staring me in my face asking me to go get their copies from the copy machine because they are too lazy to get the printer in their office fixed!? Happy days are here :)

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