Friday, August 15, 2008

Hmmm, what now?

Yeah, it's a double post Friday. Mostly because I've run out of things to do and it's not even 3 full hours into the day yet. Bosslady is out of town at her family reunion yet she keeps calling me. At 8:10 she called. Thank God I was on time today! Had the computer on and everything. Can somebody say raise????

I had 2 inappropriate conversations with my parents this week. My mom is throwing me a surprise bridal shower because she got tired of my ideas. I was talking to her while waiting on the train:
Mom: "so if we throw you a shower are you actually going to talk to people and participate or are you going to sit their like you're scared of your shadow"
Me: "I'll talk, I might even play a game, but don't count on that one"
Mom: "ok, so what size are you?"
Me: "Huh? In what?"
Mom: "in lingerie girl, people want to buy you stuff"
Me: after much nervous giggling I tell her
Mom: "ok, so what do you prefer, the gowns, or little shorts and panties? What does The Count like you to wear?"
Me: "umm, he like shorts and stuff and I like the nightgown type stuff."
Mom: "ok, do you want naughty gifts too?"
Me: "ummm, I'll probably just laugh uncontrollably,"
Mom: "when you get it or when you use it?"
Me: "Maaaaaa"

I can't take it! I'm too much of a prude for this, lol. I'll probably be all embarrassed at the reception because everybody will know we are going to do it! I don't know why I refuse to discuss all things sexual while everybody else is just as free as can be!

This morning as I was riding to work with my dad:
Dad: "Thera, have you seen Michael Phelps' body?"
Me: "yeah"
Dad: "Isn't it amazing? It's just a sight to behold"
Me: in the voice of Riley from the Boondocks "ewww nikka you gay!" (I didn't really say that, I did however give an uncomfortable laugh and go back to looking out the window).

Did a memo go out that it was worker skip day? I know it's Friday and all, but geez, the metro was empty, the shuttle was empty, this office is empty. And I am ready for bed! Aside from blog hopping and actual work, what do you do to pass the time during the work day?


pink said...

LMAO!!! You better be glad that we dont know each other in person and that im not invited to your wedding shower bc i WOULD embarrass you!! better act like you know! I'd buy you some crotchless thongs or something inappropriate like that. I DONT EVEN WEAR CRAP LIKE THAT!! the count shy like you or would he be tryna get you to swing from the bedroom ceiling fan? Lmao...that just made me laugh. i like your mom..shes funny.

and your dad is outta line for his comment about you just cant go sayin stuff like that all willy nilly!!

Therapeutic Musings said...

I know this one lady is going to buy the nastiest stuff she can find! Ughhh, I wish my sister were going to be here to help me out!

The count is not shy! He makes all these jokes around people and I just look at him mortified. I am cracking up about the ceiling fan, that sounds like something he would try and make me do!

And my dad stays out of line!

Jamila said...

ROTFLMAO! Get it together girly! One of the great things about being married is you can be just a raunchy as you want and don't feel guilty in the morning!

Added you to the blog roll also.

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