Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Sister!

Happy 20th bday Sister!

I had a great weekend with the count at his family reunion. I'm still feeling extra tired and I have some good ideas for upcoming posts but today is not the day I will be writing them! I'm going out for my birthday tonight so I doubt I'll be getting my extra sleep.....maybe Thursday?? Until then here are some snippets of funny conversations over the weekend........

we were on our way to church with the counts grandparents:
Grandma: "see me and grandad been knowing each other ever since the 4th grade...."
Grandad: "and you been talking ever since Virginia. Would you shut up! When you die you aint gonna have nothing to talk about in heaven, you used it all up down here. You aint gonna have no last words you using them right now. Been talking to me for the last 70 years"
Grandma: ".....and I haven't regretted one minute of it....." she kept talking like she never even heard him! In his defense she sure does talk alot! Even when nobody was listening....gotta love grandma!

we were on our way to see the worst movie ever...Mummy....and were trying to fit 4 people in the backseat of a hummer.....
Cousin T: "Well ya'll should fit TM and my wife are teeny they can squeeze anywhere"
Everybody: looks at the other cousin trying to fit in the back seat who is quite large and eating a bag of sunchips
Cousin T's wife: "maybe she could sit in the trunk?"

sitting around at the family reunion waiting to go to the mall:
Aunt D: "what are you TM, about a size 2?"
Me: "umm no, more like a 6 or an 8"
Aunt D: shakes head "I don't know why they keep bringing these skinny ole girls down here" (she wasn't trying to be rude, she just really likes meat on the bones, lol)
The Count: Looks over at cousin sunchips and looks back at me like, that's why!

walking through Express after just buying all sorts of fun things at Macy's
The Count: "babe, do you have a budget in mind for this weekend?"
Me: "of course I do" walking off trying to avoid the conversation
The Count: "well I would be interested in knowing it, so I can help you stick to it"
Me: throws hands in the air, starts waving them and singing and running through express "It's my birthday and I'll buy what I want to Go TM it's your birthday, it's your birthday"
The Count: stares at me wide eyed as I continue to sing and dance out of the store

My post tomorrow or later today depending upon when I get the energy is going to be based on something the Counts sister said to me as we were discussing men and marriage. I want you to think about the line before I put it in the context of our conversation: "See TM, you expect to much from men, they can only do but so much."


Jamila said...

"See TM, you expect to much from men, they can only do but so much."

Ummm... Wow. There are so many problems with that statement all I can do is shake my head. I'll just share my MAJOR issue with it. I think far too many women don't expect anything and accept everything. That leads to all sorts of problems. We would have to brew some tea and bake some cookies just to begin getting into that.

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