Friday, August 1, 2008


My mind has been going a mile a minute today on stupid stuff. I haven't had one important thought but I still feel the need to share them

1. My birthday is Monday and people (as in the count, mom, dad, and sister) keep asking me what I want and every time I tell them what I want they tell me I shouldn't want it and they won't get it, lol. So let me tell you: a blackberry, a new laptop or somebody pay to fix my old one, my school loans paid off, and clear skin.....can anybody make those things happen?

2. I have been wanting red lobster for the past 3 months. I have no idea why or why I haven't been yet. I drove past it 3 times today while trying to decide on lunch and still never went in.

3. I'm going to N.C. this weekend for the counts family reunion. I love his mom's side of the family. They are the most loving people you will ever meet and they give great hugs!

4. People are still coming up to me apologizing for how I was treated on Wednesday, lol. These people are so nice.

5. August 15 is tour the world day and the count and I will do our first visit to potential apartment complexes.

6. I just got the most unexpected and lovely email from a lady I used to work with. She saw my wedding website and sent me an email telling me how proud she was and how she considered me one of God's angels and wishing me success and blessings in my marriage :)

7. Pink----I know I'm getting married but you are still too grown, lol.

8. Why have I been walking this floor looking for our mail room guy? I just can't track him down.

9. Speaking of finding-I may be the dumbest person on earth when it comes to finding obvious things. When I started at UMBC I went to the library but had to walk out because I couldn't find the books!!!!!! That whole first year I never went back. When the count transferred to UMBC he took me in and showed me the staircase and elevators that led to the books....what a fool I am! In our building at work they say there is a gym on the first floor. Why have I never seen it!?? I walk that floor every single day and I have never seen a gym! People go to it during lunch (I wonder if it's free) or maybe one person made it up and everybody else is just lying saying they are going to the gym and nobody has bothered to check if it even exists (probably not though, lol)

10. Bosslady keeps calling me a picklehead.....hahahahaa And she thought my new shoes were gym shoes, for a second I was like dag are my shoes ugly? Not 5 minutes later somebody came up to me and told me how much they liked my new shoes were because they were interesting....which is my code word for ugly. Oh well, I still like 'em.

11. Speaking of interesting. On Wednesday I wore this pretty purple satin halter. I did my eyshadow to match. It was L'oreal Hip in Wicked....I did a great job! I was 45 minutes late to work because I was making sure I did it right! A few people told me how nice my eye makeup was. I was so very excited because I have been practicing hard. Wanna know how else I know I did well? The next day somebody tried to do it with some pink eyeshadow, however it looked like they took a pink crayon and colored in their creases, lol.

Ok, an hour left! Time to dance around....get ready for the weekend.......happy dance time!


laughing808 said...

ROFL @ When I started at UMBC I went to the library but had to walk out because I couldn't find the books!!!!!!

I'm crying at this.

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