Thursday, August 14, 2008

How random is this?

~I'm going to the fair tonight! I'm so excited, I love fairs, carnivals, pumpkin patches, picnics....basically all things that serve cool food! I've been planning in my mind the plan of action. First something like a sausage thing or something cool, unhealthy, and fried! Then some funnel cake. Then maybe another cool snack. And finish it off with caramel and candy apples to go! Ohhhh yeaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm pretty sure I'll be running from the count trying to order my food before he can tell me no! We do that a lot in public, I'll sneak off to do something but I always get caught. Normally if I start singing loudly I get away with it because he wants me to shut up! Oh pizza!!!!!!! Add that to the list of fair foods. And popcorn!

Update: This is the list of foods they are having oh boy!!!!!!: Food - Barbeque, Gyros, Pizza, Grilled Cheese, Roasted Corn, Italian Sausage & Peppers, Latin Food, International Asian Cuisine, Crab Dawgs, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Taco Salad, Curds, Funnel Cakes, Snow Cones, Soft Pretzels, Roasted Nuts, French Fries, Kettle Corn, Dippin' Dots, Fudge, Cotton Candy, Root Beer Floats, Specialty Apples, Smoothies, Italian Ice, Deep Fried Oreos, Milkshakes, Hand dipped ice cream, Green Mountain Coffees.* Golden Bull Grand Cafe will be in the "Air Conditioned" Dining Hall located in the Heritage Building.

~My dress fitting is on Sunday. It's the first time anybody other than my momma will see it. I'm excited. Nobody from his family is invited though. They have too many opinions and I probably won't want to hear them, lol. They haven't learned yet that if you say I have to do something, there is a good chance I won't do it just to prove you wrong!

~Bible study was crazy good last night. It was the graduation for the Ministry Training School. Very good word from 4 different people. Had me on my feet! Of course my shoes were off because my feet hurt like heck....people probably hate sitting by me, I always take my shoes off in church, I need to be able to move! Ohhhh, but at the end this dude from another church got up to speak before we did the offering and he said some things that were just not right. The church got dead silent! I felt so bad for him. People were looking at him like ummmm dude what are you talking about. He better be glad the Pastors already went to the back or they would have had to bring some correction right then....I can't wait to see what they say on Sunday. One of the crazy things he said: "you can't beat the devil, since you are made out of dust he will pound your flesh back into dust and then eat you." WHATTTTTT? I was sitting behind some of the elders and this old man looked up and said "say what now? who is this man and what is he talking about?" Too funny!

~The count still had on his work clothes yesterday at church. I told him he looked like he was supposed to be white. Apparently that wasn't the right thing to say. It was even more wrong to say when I told his friend who agreed and we laughed him out together. To make it worse this other dude was like, what are you? The milkman? I was screaming laughing (still am)!!! It's not our fault you are the only black dude on the job and this is what you wear: A light blue short sleeve button up shirt with the company's logo on it, khaki shorts, socks (white I think), and those ugly dark brown work boots. To top it off, Count had the nerve to put his Deacon Count badge on too! Oh my goodness, the laughter will never end off this one, I'm going to try and sneak a picture one day.

~Yesterday I found a secret (well secret to me) hallway on the first floor. I was excited because I thought I was going to find that oh so elusive gym everybody keeps talking about. No go! I did find the fed ex room and the kitchen for the thai restaurant though.

~I hate it when people hear one side of a phone conversation and assume they know what's going on. Last night I was in my room talking to the count before bed. I was hollering in the phone things like: "it doesn't matter what you want, I said we were going to the fair! Let you not show up and see what happens. I will body slam you...I will take your name of the wedding invitations if you don't come on Saturday to put them together." I said many other crazy things. My dad was like don't talk to a man like that. Let me tell you what the count was doing on the other end: Hysterically laughing at me and singing! "You can't make me do nuffinnnnnn...what chu gonna do if I don't show up? I'm going to leave you waiting at the Metro again...hahahaha you aint going to the fair....if you leave my name of the invitations people will just talk about you more, that's why they don't like youuuuuuuu." I was like daddy listen to this fool and then he understood. We are just playing. Mind your business!

~Mom get mad at me yesterday and walked away as I was talking. Ughh, I don't entertain foolishness so I just went down to my room. This morning she called me and was like are you mad at me. I told her no, she walked off so I went to bed. We had a nice heart to heart because she had a nightmare that we got in a screaming match over invitations. So not my style ma! I'll elope before I start hollering about some paper!


iCandy21 said...

so i havent actually read ur blog yet, but i will read it. ummm Pink told me you're a stalker....awwwwwww!!!! lol no really though...hit me up so I can tell you a little about the area cuz Pink told me ur thinking about moving this way. if you have yahoo my YIM is candyjazz18 or if you have aim its candysimone18...if u have neither email me lol if ur gonna hit me me sidekicks dead =]

iCandy21 said...

wait u may have to hit me tomorrow lol...i forgot my tmail is on my sidekick too and i think im about to leave work so giving u my other email would be dumb lol...oops

Therapeutic Musings said...

I emailed you. Just get to me whenever you have time! Thanks I appreciate it.

Oh and you don't have to lie and say you'll read my blog. It's quite alright :)

pink said...

honey that chile aint got nothin else in the workd to do but read read it...TRUST! lol...she watches MTV at work half the day...lmao.

anyway...i am DEAD at the vision of the count in THAT outfit wit his nametag on...HOLY MACKAREL!! lolololol!!! Wheres yalls church? i needa start goin to one consistently...

Wazs that man on drugs? No seriously, one time i was at my grandmas church and this man ran in off the street and started SHOUTING at the TOP OF HIS FREAKIN LUNGS about how everybody was goin to hell and he was usin some other curse words that i cant remember...all i know is Billy, the choir director, hopped over the piano bench and some pews and tackled him to the ground!! i was crackin up tho bc Rev. Anderson was tryna keep goin wit the sermon like wasnt nobody lookin back there. I was lookin lol!!

Therapeutic Musings said...

If reading about the uniform was funny, imagine seeing it! On that big black dude! Hahaha, laughing all over again.

He wasn't on drugs, although a story like yours happened at the church before. This man was doing the running man down the aisle with his headphones on! Security got him out with the quickness.

But this dude, he was scheduled to speak, I think he just got very, very, nervous and confused. The church is right across from Iverson mall. It's big as day, you can't miss it.

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