Monday, August 18, 2008

Let them eat crab balls!

My tummy hurts and it makes me sad :(

I did have a great weekend though! Apartment hunting went very well. There were a few places that when we pulled up we looked at each other and said "next!" and pulled right off. Some places we went in and were looking at each other like "now you know this aint gonna work" and quickly kept it moving. The place that I liked a lot on line was one where we were looking at each other saying "this is a divorce waiting to happen." The closet was about 1/4 the size of mine now, and I'm already bursting out of that one, so where would The Count put his clothes, the patio storage closet? And to pile worse onto bad it was a basement apartment that came fully equipped with crickets. NO GO! **funny cricket story--I have pet Geckos, Kimmy and Clint named after Kimberly Elise (my favorite actress) and Clint Eastwood (don't remember why The Count picked that). Kimmy and Clint now live with The Count because I never fed them, why? I am terrified of crickets and they eat crickets. I used to keep them in my bedroom. One day I got wire tank extender so they could climb up and enjoy life more. I was in bed one night, I looked up and saw a cricket had gotten out of the tank. I was terrified! An hour later my mom found me on the couch sobbing. First question: who died? I told her nobody. Second question: Did you and Count break up? I told her no. Last question: What's wrong? I told her a cricket was loose in my room. She looked at me like the worlds biggest fool, but she went back there assured me she killed it and told me to go back to bed. Did I mention I was 20?**
Needless to say the no closet cricket infested apartment was not for us, but to add even worse to worse and bad the upstairs neighbors were jamming to some music and jumping up and down (probably killing crickets). And this was at noon on Saturday. Imagine how they get down at night!? We found a place we like though, still deciding if we are going to move forward.

Saturday night we spent 8 hours doing invitations and only got halfway through! I had a sweatshop set up in the basement and I paid my 4 workers in crab balls and chicken ka-bobs. It was great, but by 3am even I had to agree that it was time to close shop.

Sunday we went to the dress fitting. It fit perfectly! I was feeling so beautiful and dancing around, until I got stuck with on of the needles still in the dress, lol. Then I calmed my happy but down and stood there and basked in the compliments. "Oh you look stunning!" "That dress is perfect for you." My mom was looking at them like please stop filling her head with this garbage. It was great fun!

We went to the National Harbor after that to view the hotel and activities for out of town guests. My friend screamed at me when I suggested we eat ice cream after lunch.

Me: Ummm, ice cream, let's get some
Friend: You can't have that! You haven't been watching what you eat?
Me: Yes I see it, I get it, I eat it, and it's gooooodddddddd
Friend: You're going to be too fat
Me: I need to maintain the same weight, so I need to eat the same way. If I eat less I'll lose weight and the dress will be to big and it will fall and expose my boobies. In fact when under stress you loose weight, and weddings are stressful, so I need to eat more food to make up for that. So lets get ice cream and a cookie!
Mom: Please stop talking to her before she makes us eat lunch again!

Soooo, what did you do this weekend?


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