Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I had to go to Hagerstown for work today so I haven't been around. We picked up my moms cousin from the train station (the one that had the twin sister die last month). She's about 60 and has an adopted 2 year old boy. They've been here an hour and it has prompted me to make this public service announcement.

Dear Parents,

When you are putting your child with other people, especially childless people, it is vitally important that YOU remember a car seat! Lady that left your child last week, how did you forget to give us a car seat? Cousin that just rode the train down here 3 hours, how did you not bring a car seat? Do they not use them in New York? Also please remember to bring YOUR child some toys! If you know you have a 2 year old boy why would you leave for a 5 day trip with not one thing for him to play with? Ummm it's not appropriate for him to keep on playing with the sliding glass doors, you could have bought him an action figure or something! One more thing. I'll beat your child if you won't!Got that? If he touches it again I'm popping his hand. And I'll keep on popping it until he learns not to touch it. Thank you. That is all.


pink said...

gurl thats nothin. When i was workin at Hecht's a couple years ago this 55 year old woman forgot her baby in the car. Like, was tell me about her child and how she had invitro or some crap and then stopped mid sentence like OMG! my baby! She left the damn thing in the car!! Thas why old ass people dont need no babies. Get a dog or somethin.

And i dont blame you. I already told my parents that i beat kids so if my brother does somethin outta line like kick or bite whippin that ass and they already know.

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