Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wedding Wednesday

I went to a vow renewal ceremony on Saturday. It was beautiful! 20 years of marriage, it made my heart happy. That Sunday they had a cookout at their house. He sang Some Enchanted Evening to his wife. Toward the end of the song he approached her and held her and danced as he sang. My chin was shaking, lips quivering, eyes full of tears, but I did not make the ugly cry face! My mom was so proud :) It was a very touching moment, tears were flowing all around!

At the reception Saturday I got in a debate with one of my mom's friends. She has been around me since I was little so I don't know why she thought she could reason with me:

Lady: Remember baby, this is your day, do what you want
Me: I know! That's why I'm wearing slipper socks at the reception
Lady: Umm, no you're not. What about changing into low heels?
Me: What about slipper socks?
Lady: You are not doing that. I will buy you some low heels. You'll be mad when the photographer gets a picture of those socks.
Me: Mad? I'm posing in pictures sticking my feet out! They'll be the wedding colors.
OtherLady: What about ballet flats?
Lady: Yes, some pretty satin ones.
Me: You must not be able to hear me, just for that, now they will now be mismatch slipper socks.
Mom: You know this will only get worse if you guys keep on. Shut up before she just shows up in her panties!

I was cracking up, why do people continue to tell me what I have to do? I'm actually known for my mismatch socks. The Count and my mom went out and bought me 4 packs of identical black socks because they thought it was ridiculous for somebody in their 20's to still be wearing the socks I had on. When I leave for work my mom will sneak in my room and match my socks up, because if she doesn't there is a good chance I'll have on a pink sock with stars and a pink sock with monkeys. They are both pink, so at least it's a common theme. The Count's nieces and nephews used to come up to me, tap me, and whisper "umm your socks don't match." Hahaha it only made me do it more!

This weekend some of the bridal party is coming over to do the invitations. When I told them my plans they looked at me like I was stupid, stamps, embossing, ribbons, cutting, gluing. I told them my mom and I are trying to take over Martha Stewart's empire! I'll post some pictures of our creations next week. If anybody has some cool ideas that I could try let me know! The wedding is 58 days away and I'm still chilling like it's not crunch time. I won't even tell you that I haven't had one hair consultation........


Jamila said...

You can only wear slipper socks if they are the ones with the individual toes in them. lol! If not then get some satin slippers and call it a day.

pink said...

gurl im with you...why be uncomfortable on YOUR day? especially if your dress is long...whos gonna see your socks anyway? and why the hell do they care?! My socks are mismatched too! lol...i dont even attempt to match the color

Therapeutic Musings said...

Jamila- are you placing demands on me too???? I'm going to tell my mom you're to blame when I insist on wearing the socks to the ceremony too!

Pink-welcome back, lol! I knew I could count on you to be on my side!!

Brownngirl said...

That's exciting. The wedding will be here before you know it!

I'm going to keep my mouth shut on the whole sock scenario. You won't like my .02 cents. LOL!

Therapeutic Musings said...

I'm glad you didn't add to my spitefullness brownngirl! It would have only made me find something worse to do.

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