Thursday, October 30, 2008

Friday Randomness

I'm watching Dreamgirls or rather ruining Dreamgirls for all of humanity. "Listen" is THAT song. Y'all TheCount is over in the corner with headphones in. Poor neighbors, I sure hope they can't hear me! I have freshly painted nails, OPI Lincoln Park after Dark, beautiful! I love dark colors. Guess what guys, tomorrow, for work, I have to participate in Halloween. My parents stopped letting my sister and I participate in Halloween when I was 5. We are turning our department into a hospital. I have my pink scrubs and name badge that states I'm the receptionist. My office mate is going to be the patient, all bandaged up with glow sticks because she really did just undergo radiation therapy for cancer. The copy room is the x-ray room, we have an anesthesiologist, a maternity ward, and an ER. It's a competition between each department and I think we are going to win. We all have signs for the various areas and name badges. How exciting! Every Halloween from first grade on I had to sit in the office during the costume parade. I can't say I ever really minded. The day after Halloween my mom would go to the store and buy all the discounted candy and she would let us pig out. Time for the Dreamgirls finale. Gotta go tear it up!


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