Thursday, January 8, 2009


Arrive at work: 8:30am
Leave "to go to the bank": 11:45am
Return "from the bank": 3:30pm
Leave work to go home: 4:30pm


Receptionist: "Did you just get your hair done?"
Me: "Girl no! I know you just saw me run down to my car right quick!"
Receptionist: "well your hair looks good!"
Me: "Yeah it should I've been gone almost 4 hours"
Receptionist:"It's been that long?"

Coworker: "Da hayle you been? To the car? Girl please, but I see your hair movin' and shakin'!"

Coworker2: "Z was looking for you about 15 minutes ago, he faxed you something"

Me:on the phone "Hey Z, I was in the kitchen, my bad"
Z: "It's ok, I know they keep you busy over there"

Coworker 3 (that was in my office talking to me when I got up to "go to the bank": thinking to himself, how she gonna step in here with a bush this morning and then magically appear with this flowing hair "Oh my!"

Reason 1,397 why I love my job: Leaving in the middle of the day to get a relaxer and hair cut and everybody being cool with that! Of course my boss was working from home today and knows nothing of my midday adventures, shoot TM aint no fool!

(I hadn't had a relaxer in 12 weeks, my boss probably would have driven me to the hair salon just to stop embarrassing the black women in our and her)


pink said...

you know you outta line for this right? I mean, i know you know thats why im not really gon call you out like that. But goin to get your hair done in the middle of the day aint ok...

But uh...*leans in close* yall hirin?? *blinks twice*

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