Monday, January 12, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things!

I'm in the mood to smile so I'll dedicate this post to some things that I am loving right now!
The Bolthouse Farms line is 100% juice with no sugar added and not from concentrate. We are fasting with our church this month, as many churches do to start out the year. At our church we do a progressive fast meaning each week they take something else away. This week it's no meat, no sweets, no junk food, and no dairy. Since this seriously limits what we can have we have a fridge stocked with these juices. I drink them with breakfast and TheCount takes a large one to drink on all day. The flavor I'm currently enjoying is Passion Fruit apple carrot juice. It's pretty good. The only one I do not like is Blue Goodness. Try that one at your own risk, lol.
Heated Mattress Pad
I can't find the one we have, but I got it at Sears on Saturday and it was 50% off! I was beyond happy because I am always cold. TheCount is always hot. I have been searching for once since we got married because I sleep under 2 comforters and a blanket and TheCount is a 1 comforter type dude. At night I put my ice cold feet on him and snuggle up so I can be warm. By the middle of the night I'm making him hot so he moves away from me and I'm back to freezing! The mattress pad we have has the dual zones with separate controllers so I can make my side as hot as I'd like and he doesn't even have to have his side on. Bliss I tell ya, bliss! Last night I used the preheat function on TheCount's side of the bed because it allows you to get into toasty sheets but it turns off after 30 minutes so he wouldn't be hot all night.
TheCount frequently gets nose bleeds. As in every single day. I bought this humidifier about 2 weeks ago to see if we could cut down on that. I think it's working. He had been nosebleed free and then we slept in the living room without it and his nose bled the next morning. Last night after we ate ravioli and garlic sauce he started telling me the Steeler's lost the playoff game. I was in the kitchen washing dishes and came running out screaming that he was lying and when I changed from the game we were up by a lot and no way did those sucky  Chargers beat us. He was laughing at my anguish and I whipped out my phone to check the score. When I found out TheCount was lying I jumped on him and started blowing my breath up his nose. Honest to God his nose started bleeding, HAHAHAHA! That didn't really have anything to do with the humidifier but how funny was that? My breath made his nose bleed! Anyway, the humidifier has really helped keep the dryness out of the air. It does make the room cold (hey no air conditioning needed in the summer!) but if you have a heated mattress pad it's all good! We like it on the high setting because the noise is soothing to us although I did notice in product reviews people actually returned the unit because they thought it was too loud.
Odalis Hair Salon
I've been going there for a little over a month, it's in Gaithersburg, Maryland. I learned about if from a fellow blogger. Her hair is healthy so I gave it a whirl.  The fact that I actually went back more than once is nothing short of miracle because I do not do hair salons! I've been 3 whole times which is a record for me. I'm in and out (except when I had to get the works because I was 12 weeks post relaxer, lol) and the folks are polite. I think I'll keep going. I got an awesome "trim" last time which turned out to be more like a cut but it's cute so I don't really mind it. If you live in the area and want the info, hit me up, I'll pass it on.
TheCount and I joined a gym back in November I think. We went once and then got so inundated with the holiday's that we fell off. I didn't mind not going because the first time we went he made me do the elliptical and the bike and I was miserable! I started going to the gym in our office building with coworker and we did the treadmill. I LOVE IT! I just do it on an incline so I'm working my muscles but I don't feel miserable. The other reason why I like it is because I can get a good workout on a high incline without a super high speed. I have rheumatoid arthritis in my hips, knees, and (don't laugh) my big toes HAHAHAHA. TheCount makes sure to point and laugh every time I talk about my arthritic big toe, yeah it is kinda funny. Anyway, the elliptical had my knees dying because of how fast I was going and jogging on the treadmill had me bedridden because of the high impact. But walking? I can certainly do that with  no problem!
Alright, time to share. What are a few of your favorite things?


pink said...

hey! what do you use for your RA? My mom has it and is Le Miserable i tell you! Also, who makes your heasted mattress pad? My mom keeps whining about her cold bed.

pserendipity said...

That Bolthouse Farms lemonade is what's up!

I tried to think of a few of my favorite things, but all I could come up with were Apple Dippers.

Therapeutic Musings said...

@Pink: I don't take anything but vitamins and eat "joint healthy" foods. Those medicines have too many side affects and I don't ever feel THAT bad. It's a Sunbeam mattress pad and your momma would whine no more! Shoot you will be climbing into bed with her.

@Pserendipity: Those Apple Dippers are good!

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