Monday, January 19, 2009

What a weekend!

My cousin that has the same name as TheCount, Brooklyn, me, and TheCount (who did not appreciate all the pictures my dad kept trying to take during the night).

I have been truly enjoying my 4 day weekend :) We have tons of family in town, and while I am not going out and participating in any of the festivities, much of my family is and they are more than happy to tell me the stories. My momma has about 4 strangers in her house. They are friends/family of family so they became our family too! Especially when one of the young ladies from Georgia said her cousin was going to charge her $3,500 to stay there for 2 nights. Y'all they are family! My mom was so appalled she told her to call and see if anybody was going to stay there and then invite them over too, lol.

On Sunday we watched the We Are One concert on the mall, it was sooo good! I am now loving me some Jon Bon Jovi! I'm going to have to go find some of his music to listen to, his voice made me smile. We had tons of fun looking at the wardrobes because there were some fly coats out there! And then we had fun looking at the Asian girl sleeping on the second row, lol. We went over to my parent's house to watch the Steelers-Ravens game. Being that we live in Maryland, much of the house was for the Ravens. I came in sporting my Steelers jersey, terrible towel, and my Steelers cup. Y'all I acted an obnoxious fool up in that house! I went running in front of the tv waving my towel and screaming when we scored or had a big play. I was so bad that this lady (who I didn't know, but didn't really care for) went upstairs to watch the game with my dad and cousin because I was trying to turn downstairs into Steeler Country. I kept popping my jersey in my cousins face because he is the biggest sore loser you will ever meet he wouldn't even hug me goodbye. The highlight of my night was when Polamalu got the interception and ran it back for a touchdown. Since I had on my jersey I was seriously popping it and screaming. Y'all I love me some Troy Polamalu! I was hollering "and they tried to say I wasn't the best safety in the league, watch this! Question my greatness? I'm the best! Where is that other dude they said was better than me? He's at home and I'm going to the Super Bowl!" After I finished running around the basement screaming (my sore loser cousin went upstairs during my speech) I ran upstairs waving my towel. My cousin shook his head and the lady I didn't like was like, oh Lord, here she come. I did my victory dance around the kitchen and then went downstairs to catch my breath. TheCount was like "ummm baby, you not playing, you just watching the game."Popping my jersey while waving my towel and dancing in front of the tv

My momma was happy to snap some pictures of me, because I honestly don't act like that. I started out sitting in the back corner and then TheCount was like, "you have to wave your towel." Then when we scored I jumped up and waved it and my momma was like "you have to get in the middle of the floor and do it so they can get mad," so I did. It was a lot of fun! They may have created a monster! See you at the Super Bowl folks! Interception baby!


kisz4tj said...

LOL!!!..Da Principal would HATE you...he spent all day Monday in a grief induced You workin' that jersey and that towel!

Brownngirl. said...

LOL! You are a mess!!! The Bears are just a hot flipping mess this year. Maybe next season. *sigh* (Go Steelers!) =)

pink said...

you look soooo cute gurl! ya face all clear and stuff...alright now! dont hurt em boo! lol

Therapeutic Musings said...

@Kisz- My family was salty too. LOL You peeped my style too? Haha

@Brownngirl- Yes, just join the winning team. I'll talk to the Steelers about letting the Bears win next year!

@Pink- Girl you spotted my fly skin too, lol! I can't even be mad at your non blogging or visiting self!

Product Junkie Diva said...

I don't watch football until it is time for the sueprbowl. Usually I just visit a superbowl party and wait for half time as I enjoy
I pick my team the day of the superbowl based on how healthy the guys look during the line up. I usually pick a winner too...LOL
Have a great weekend.

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