Wednesday, January 28, 2009 Random

Yesterday Pink said she needed a new laptop because her "y" key broke. Girl puhhhleasseee that aint nothing. Take a look at my laptop! Keep in mind the sound no longer works (it's mostly static) and I have a battery life of 5 minutes...literally! I also have no stylus for my cool screen that you can write on. My daddy and I went to tons of stores to try and steal one from the model computers but to no avail!

My busted screen with the support sticking out. The crack is beginning to run up the screen.

My computer is braced up against the side of the couch because it won't sit up on its own anymore.

This is what my computer looks like closed. It is completely busted up. Now this is why I need a new, cheap, durable, laptop :)

Growing up I always said I would keep fresh flowers in my house because I like them. This is the picture of the current Carnation arrangement I have on display. Ignore the mess on the table, lol.

This is TheCounts man chair (I said I would post this weeks ago). It has his redskins blanket on it and his house shoes next to it. Aint our new furniture grand? The new couch looks just like this chair but bigger.


pink said...

ok. that is just sad, for lack of a better word. What the hell did you do? jump on it? toss it off your balcony? TM, you should be embarrassed to even post those pix. Thats ridiculous. smh.

Therapeutic Musings said...

Shut up! I told you it was bad. It started when it fell off my bed in college, then it just grew from there, lol.

Brownngirl. said...

Rummm...uh.. duh... yo' laptop is straight jacked. I don't know what's worse... to keep it as is, or to try and put tape or some other contraptions on it to hold it up. LOL!

Product Junkie Diva said...

Girlll you really can bust up a
The Count has his man chair...awesome.
The flowers look pretty, and I'm not even a flowers type of

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