Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend In Random

I talked to my friends this weekend. Each of them called me (all 3, lol) and I talked to each of them for about 2 hours apiece. I think I'm ready to reach out and be friendly again. I invited one over for cooking lessons (she lives 10 minutes away and has never been to our house) and I invited the other friend to call me during the week since she only works weekends. It feels good to have friends again, I haven't spoken to them since my wedding (3 1/2 months). It wasn't due to anything they did and it wasn't because I was wrapped up in TheCount. I just wanted to hang with myself for awhile.
At my church there is a singing group comprised of older ladies. The first time I heard them sing, years ago, I looked around the sanctuary like "is this a joke?" I think I may have even asked TheCount if they were serious since it was his church and I was just a visitor. Y'all, they cannot sing! After the initial shock and humor wore off I began to actually listen. Now, every single time they get on stage I end up bawling out of control. TheCount is always trying to track down the usher to get me some tissue when he sees them approaching the stage. The lead singer reminds me of my grandma. I didn't even like my grandma and maybe that's why it makes me cry and they always sing songs that we used to sing in my church growing up. Needless to say, they sang Sunday, they sounded terrible, and I was bawling out of control.
Did anybody know that The Food Network now has a magazine? Oh my goodness it is wonderful! I saw it while we were in Sam's club Sunday and I snatched it up because I saw my beloved Guy Fieri on the cover and a wonderful looking pasta dish :) The magazine is really good you guys. I went right home and ordered myself a subscription (only $10 for 10 issues). I would advise anybody who loves food and cooking to check this magazine out, you will not be disappointed. I was telling TheCount how I had these 3 new amazing recipes for chicken. One was for little wings for the Super Bowl, one is for "fried" chicken, and another for roasted. He asked how I knew they were good if I never made them.
Me: "Ummm it's from the food network, duhhhh. They have a test kitchen, where they test recipes. They'll never steer you wrong, like Jesus!"
Needless to say that conversation ended with TheCount looking at me like I was the most blasphemous person ever, lol.
TheCount and I have spent too many nights in bed talking about food recently. I'm talking 1 and 2 in the morning just talking about eating and debating whether or not we should get up and eat. Last week he told me he dreamt of Whoppers. He was just sitting around eating them all night in his dream, lol.  I've welcomed him to the dark side of my world...biscuits! Oh how I love them and now I've got him walking around asking me to go make some biscuits for him. We really like the pillsbury kind in the frozen section. Southern style or Sandwich style or the whole wheat rolls. All delicious and all served way too much in our house.
How was your weekend? Do anything special, or random?


Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL your posts are too funny. The Count dreaming of whoppers???? LOL
Talking about foor at 1 or 2 in the morning...too much girl.

pink said...

yall are out of control lol...whoppers tho? are you starvin the poor man?? lol

Anonymous said...

Yes, the FN magazine is really nice, however Guy Fieri is not. I've met him twice, and twice he was rude, insulting and dismissive.

However, his recipes are easy and tasty. Best of luck

Therapeutic Musings said...

@PJD and Pink- I don't know what's wrong with that dude, lol. We haven't had meat for a month so that may have been the issue.

@Anon-Awww man, if I see him in public I'll kick him in the shin for you!

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