Thursday, January 15, 2009

I like to talk about food!

Our boy Darius is doing big things on the 'net guys! Go check out his new website His new site is super cool and he always has good recipes! Let's go show our support!
Speaking of food, this conversation went down at my house last night:
Me: "Ugghhhhh, I'm so tired of this"
TheCount: "What's wrong honey?"
Me: "I'm freaking hungry. These recipes suck! I miss the food I know and love. Rich food with flavor. Food that's filling. Food that tastes good! I've been hungry for days, I'm bout to die" at this point I dramatically fall onto the couch and proceed to whine some more trying to be all poetic as I talk about food I'm pretty sure I started talking about food that nourishes the soul and brings people together, I was getting deep in my starving delirous disappointed state.
TheCount: "Ok, granted you haven't been putting out your best work lately...."
TheCount: "...but it's ok, the food can't be nasty forever."
Me: "Man bump this vegetarian thing, I don't like none of this healthy no meat stuff. After the fast, I'm going back to full on meat. Since I refuse to eat this mess I made tonight, you know what that means?"
TheCount: " I swear if you say garlic bread and roasted potatoes I will bite you"
Me: "I won't say it, but I'm sure bout to make it!"
As of late bread and potatoes is all I've been eating. I have tried so many vegetarian meals and I just frown as I eat a few bites and then leave my plate there to go make my standby meal. Before, when I gave up meat, I didn't really care about replacing it with healthy foods so I had no problem eating yummy (although unhealthy) foods. Now that I'm actually incorporating healthy foods, I've discovered I don't like enough of them to have any variety in my diet which I need! I can't just recycle the same 5 or 10 meals. Since we've been married we haven't had the same thing twice yet! I love food too much to be eating the same thing, so February 1, I think I'm going back on the meat, lol. This week I have made (and hated) spicy lo mein, vegetable fried rice, roasted vegetables, some kind of pasta sauce (store bought, gross), and one of those refrigerated ravioli things (grosser). The one good thing that has come from this, I've discovered I like butternut squash. That stuff is good! And pretty :)
Lesson for the day: Go check Darius out and make his recipes so you can have much better meals than we have been having in the Count household!


Product Junkie Diva said...

It's great that you both are eating healthy meals. I hope you find something delicious to make.
P.S. I love Darius' site

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