Monday, January 5, 2009

Public Service Announcement

This announcement is for rude people. I don't want you to go through all of 2009 not being aware of your actions, so let me help you out.
On Friday I had an ugly day. Y'all I looked a mess. My hair is 10 weeks post relaxer and I didn't really do anything to it but let it sit on my head bushy. My skin is tripping out because I'm on this new pill so my face looked a mess. I can't remember what I had on but I'm pretty sure it was busted, lol. Anyway, I was in the kitchen at work toasting my bagel:
Rudeness: "TM, are you tired? You look really tired?"
Me: No this heifer didn't. You gonna give me a cot and a blanket to take a nap? If not then don't worry about what I am. Now what the heck am I supposed to say to this rude chick? "No, I'm just really cold"
Did I mention the kitchen was full of people when she said this? Now all this attention is on the busted chick in the middle of the room. Ugghhh I was so embarrassed, but you better believe I'm on point today. Maybe that was her way of telling me to step my game up, but still, that was rude. Don't let it continue in 2009. The same goes for telling somebody "Oh, you look sick" It doesn't help and it sure doesn't make them feel any better.
What do you want to tell the rude people to stop doing in 2009?


kisz4tj said...

How about I get a caller at least once every 3 months that says "oh you sound awful are you sick"?? No, thats my sexy voice! How you tell someone that you've never spoken to before that they sound awful???

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