Friday, January 2, 2009

Yayyy New Stuff!

New Year's Eve service was wonderful. The Tye Tribbett concert was so much fun we didn't get in the house until 3am. My church rocks! Ringing in the new year with 2,500+ folks was great! I was the last woman standing in my section, everybody else had gone home. TheCount was in the light/sound booth working, and he was like "I looked over and saw you by yourself. Did you singing scare the people away?" LOL That dude is evil! He has  been sick all week. I have pumped him so full of Pepto and Imodium that it makes no sense! Everybody has been teasing him about his constant runs to the bathroom, his friend even recorded a song about it and sent it to him. Good times, except when I have to participate in cleanup. Like this morning, lol. I walked in the bathroom and was like Are you dying? There was blood everywhere. He has had a bloody nose every day in addition to the other grossness he is exuding. Not normal dude. The upside? He has been a lot nicer to me this week :) He said it's because he wants me to lift this curse I've put on him.
On a non-gross note, we are getting new furniture tomorrow! Since we moved in the only seating in our living room has been a love seat. A 6'2" 200+ pound dude and a 5'6" gal chilling on that couch can get cramped! Especially when he falls asleep and I insist on sleeping there with him. It really is a sight to see. We are getting a sofa and loveseat set :) If anybody is in the market for furniture, look at places that rent out furniture because they sell models that they are no longer using. We have gotten most of our furniture like that and it is excellent and inexpensive! Of course you have to be careful because some of the stuff in there hasn't been cleaned properly or is damaged,  but the pieces we get? Top notch. We were in there shopping and I kept embarrassing TheCount as we were testing out couches.
Salesdude: "That one came from xyzstore, it's not one of our pieces, but it's still good"
Me: face scrunched up "somebody smoked on this couch"
TheCount: Oh lord, she is bout to start acting up in public again
Salesdude: "yeah they don't clean their furniture as well as we do ours, they just want it out. Feel free to sniff our other sets, they have been deep cleaned"
Me: "Oh believe me, I was going to do that anyway"
TheCount: "excuse her, she is very very strange"
I am not strange! But I am allergic to smoke and I do have a ridiculous sense of smell. I walked around the store sniffing everything. People were laughing but shoot, I have to live with the furniture and I need to make sure I'm not going to wake up with a headache from breathing in year old smoke fumes.
Perhaps if I ever find my camera, I'll take a picture of our new setup. I'll try and do a before and after photo.
How were your New Year festivities?


kisz4tj said...

Tye Tribbett?? I'm green! A great way to ring in '09.

A friend of mine had a lil gathering at her house...uneventful.

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