Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Stuck in Random

Apparently I can't form cohesive stories this week so here is another round of random musings from my brain:
I am in the market for a new laptop. Any suggestions? It has to be inexpensive. Why? Because I'll break it just like I did this one (I'll try and take a picture, it's truly sad. It can't be fancy. Why? I just told you I'll break it! My last one had a swivel screen and a stylus. I been lost the stylus and the screen is busted and will no longer hold itself up. It can't be a mini. Why? Cuz I can't see!
It's snowing here. Pretty hard too. I think I may leave early because I've stopped taking the Beltway and my way home is a 2 lane road. I don't want to be driving in the dark with snow on the ground. Why? I keep telling y'all I can't see!
Me: " I think I should have my own reality show."
TheCount: "Why, so they can watch you sleep?"
I got 9 hours of solid sleep last night. Y'all I hit the ground running this morning. TheCount looked scared, lol. I was dancing and singing and running around the house. I think 9 might be my magic number, even now I'm typing like I'm on speed or something.
Last night I went to Shoppers to get groceries, it's triple coupon week. I saved $8.00! I think that hussy didn't scan one of my coupons though. But it's cool, my Worcheshire  (yeah that's probably spelled wrong, lol) sauce and evaporated milk ended up being free with my coupons! I was cheesing away as I saw my total drop down to $16.00.
I was talking to my friend about birth control over the weekend. She asked did it make me gain weight. I told her yeah about 15 pounds but mostly in the butt and thighs. She thought that was a good thing. Ummm not when your butt and thighs are already plenty big! Shoot, my clothes fit me perfectly before. I had to start shimmying into them after that weight. And that weight came with cellulite and stretch marks. Now it's finally coming off and my stomach is back to flat. As in when I sit down it no longer folds over itself. Makes me smile :) This new birth control I'm on is the best :) No more headaches, weight gain, dizziness, nausea, mood swings or crying spells, and I can wear my contacts again!
I bet as soon as I publish this, I'll think of at least 5 more random things I meant to say!
Don't forget to tell me your laptop recommendations (or ones that I should avoid like the plague), if you have one. Remember, cheap, durable, and with a screen big enough for a blind girl!


Product Junkie Diva said...

Love your random thoughts and glad you found the bc that works for you. Laptops to avoid, personally I have had issues with Dells. I don't like that they have so many recalls gee whiz. Anyway I do like Sony and HP laptops. You can get an hp laptop for 800 bucks which is pretty good for a 17 in screen and plenty of memory. I am no where near my laptop now so I can't give the model number..sorry. But long story short is I have not had problems with hp & sony laptops.

pink said...

you are outta line. and no i cant recommend a laptop bc i need to find one of my own...i popped the "y" key off of mine. =/

Just_Wondering said...

I just purchased a new laptop but im a risk taker and bought a samsung with the help of my trusty computer advisor. lol I would also recommend HP because I recently got one for my dad. Sony is also good as PJD mentioned but they tend to be pricey.

LOL@ you wanting you're own reality show

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