Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm not a bird, I don't want to fly away

Last night we had company. Five people invited themselves into our home. My momma, an aunt, two cousins, and a stranger. They didn't get there until after 9pm. By that point in the evening TheCount and I are normally passed out on the couch, lol. We are simple folks with a simple routine:
Monday: Fall asleep during the last commercial break of Big Bang Theory
Tuesday: Record all my shows (NCIS, The Mentalist, Law & Order) sometimes we can make it until 12:30 before falling asleep
Wednesday: If we don't go to church, we watch it live online. We fall asleep right before the end of the sermon
Thursday: Fall asleep during CSI
Friday: Watch the shows we recorded during the week until we both fall asleep
See, simple, sleepy, working folks. My cousin is just the opposite. Her and a friend came to town for the inauguration. All of my other family members have left already, but they decided they wanted to stay for a week. That's cool, except for the fact that these are 2 free spirited chicks that "live it up." Well my momma and aunts aren't used to that. They are used to my sister and my demeanor. My sister is the mean one that will challenge you, but she is obedient and will tell you where she's going or at least when she'll be back. It's never hard to find me. I'm either in the bed or on the couch, lol. If I go missing, call my husband I'm probably right beside him. Simple folk. This chick has backpacked through Europe and more (you should really click the link, I tell ya, the things she finds to do). Well on Wednesday night they decide they want to go to Adams Morgan. My aunt told them no, but they went anyway, my mom said she would pick them up when they were ready to come home. What time did they call her? 7:30am. My momma was like, "I can't handle this, these kids got me all worried." I had to inform my cousin that my momma used to wait for me to get in from church so you can imagine how the club hopping free spirits made her feel!
My mom was supposed to pick them up at 6pm yesterday so they could come over. When she called them at 5:30, my cousin told her they were in Virgina sightseeing and that she would call her when they were done. I don't get that! You got other folks waiting on you and you need them for rides, you can't just fly away and do what you want. You better check! And to to think I almost let them stay with us, shoot they would have been stranded at the metro so many times. Once I'm sleep that's it, I aint going back out!
She tried to get me to go out with them last night (they figured they might as well stay out all night since the friend's flight left at 5am). Ummm, my dear, I have a job to go to in the morning. Not a little dead end minimum wage job. A career, with a darn salary, that I need to pay my rent.  This chick told me, "we're young, we don't need sleep. When we get done you can hop on the metro and go to work." She doesn't know me very well does she? If there is one thing in this world I need, it's sleep! I haven't been around her in about 8 years so maybe she thought college has loosened me up a bit. Not so. She wanted to go to a sports bar to watch the Lakers-Wizards game last night. We all looked at her like no ma'am. I can't imagine what she will cook up for us to do tonight. Of course I won't do it, but I'm sure she'll try!
I am glad that we actually had enough seating for all the people. A few weeks ago, that amount of company would not have been possible :) It's the weekend guys. The highlight of mine? I found a new grocery store I'm going to check out, lol. And tonight, I'm making homemade whole grain vegan pizza! Sounds yummy, huh?


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