Thursday, January 22, 2009

Too Cheap?

It has been brought to my attention that I am too cheap. This concept is foreign to me, how can I be too cheap? I am merely saving my family money so that we can have more to do more of what we want to do. It's not like I starve my family because I don't buy groceries. We always eat well and eat a variety of things. I don't seek out cheap things, I just find the things that I want on sale. Once I bought Giant brand English muffins because they were half the price of the name brand. Those things were gross! So now I pay more for the name brand (although I do go to Wal-mart to get them because it's $1.10 cheaper there then at the grocery store). My sister says it's embarrassing to go with me to the store because I always have coupons. And don't let it be triple coupon week! Good gracious you would think I won the lottery. Seriously, two weeks ago I saved $16.75 in triple coupons alone at Superfresh, that doesn't even take into account all the sales. That's almost a whole tank of gas! These 2 conversations happened last Saturday:
Scene: Walmart
Me: I need to get us some more juice. Hmm Juicy Juice $2.57? Nah, I got it on sale for $2 last week, at the very most I'll pay is $2.50.
Mom: TM! Seriously, what's .07?
Me: Well if I had that attitude about everything then that would add up to a lot, wouldn't it?
Mom: Ugggh, you're too cheap.
Scene: Car leaving from Walmart
Me: What in the world am I going to make for dinner? I think the only thing we have left right now that we can eat is half a box of pasta. I can't go grocery shopping until Monday after they [as in the pastors at my church because we are fasting] tells us what we can eat for the week on Sunday. Maybe we'll order out.
Mom: Ohhh let's get Chinese. You and The Count can get lo mein and fried rice and I'll get general tso's chicken.
Me: That sounds good but that's almost $20 for our dinner...
Mom: You better shut up 'bout this money girl. You getting on my nerves with that cheapness. Live a little!
Me: I will live a little as in when I'm rich because I've been so frugal
I really don't see either as being cheap. I don't understand why I would waste my money if I know I can get a better deal. It's not like we are going to die without it. I save money where I can so I can spend more elsewhere. This year we are trying to pay down our school loans so that money saved on food can go there. You don't even wanna go clothes shopping with me! I am the queen of finding bargains, lol. I will also embarrass you by having a fit about the price of something. "$30? They call that a sale? That aint no kind of sale, I bet in the next few weeks I find it for $10!"
I bet nobody will call me cheap when TheCount and I are rolling in our new cars pulling up to our mansion in a few years because he married a woman that is wise with money!
( My mom has some pictures that she said are the example of my too cheapness, I'll try to post them this evening)


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