Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Public Service Announcement: Parents

Clearly I have a theme for the week. I didn't plan on it, but as I'm sitting here, this is making me mad. This story is about my coworker and her niece. She is 14 and was at her home last week watching her daughter while they were out of school. While there, coworker and husband noticed niece on the phone a lot. Not out of the ordinary for a 14 year old, but husband noticed she was talking differently. Coworker noticed that she kept saying I love you. This brought about the conversation, who the hayle you talking to little girl? Y'all this little chick was talking to a 20 year old she met on myspace. This girl done worked out a whole game plan, if I see her in the streets I'll slap her myself. I'm mad at her (I'll give y'all a rundown of what she did in a minute) but I'm more mad at her parents! She lives with them 24/7. Them as in both parents so 2 people are there watching this child. Nobody noticed anything odd? She spent ONE DAY with her aunt and uncle and they figured out all that I'm about to tell you. I will ask this question: What the heck are her parents doing!??????
This chick:
1. Told this dude she was 18 but kept her bday as 1994. Dummy.
2.Has a tag profile (something similar to facebook or myspace) that her aunt found, and she was talking to a 24 year old on there.
3.Got a web cam from this dude. He sent it to her house from Amazon. Her FATHER hooked the web cam up for her. Did he not think to ask why his 14 year old daughter has a web cam that they didn't buy? Or where she got it from?
4. She sent this dude some picture of a Hawaiian chick saying it was her.
5. She told him he was adopted and lived on a farm. He looked up her house address (you know cuz he is mailing her stuff) and was like, ummm it's registered to Mom'sName. Isn't that your birth mother? And it says it's a town house, not a farm.
6. She left her email account open at Coworker and Husband's house so they went through all her emails to get the full story of what has been going on. If she left the email up there, don't you think she has done it at her parent's house before too? Why haven't they ever looked at what there child was doing online? This lady at my church told her kids "at any point I may ask you to sit down and log into your facebook/myspace account and I will look at whatever you are doing or have done. Keep that in mind when you posting things on the internet." I LOVE that woman. Her kid's were mad but so what!
7.After Coworker and Husband found out all of this, they took her cellphone and told her to stay off the computer. Her parent's came to pick her up Sunday. She told them she wanted to take a walk, these idiots tell her ok. Last night Coworker found this email from niece to dude: "They took my phone, I had to run 10 miles to the library to email you. I love you. I won't kill myself although I have thought about it. I miss you. I'll talk to you as soon as my parent's leave their phone around" There is about 15 things wrong with this entire scenario, one of them being the fact that the library is a block and a half from the house. LOL
I really don't blame her. I blame the parent's. I just found out her mom is a stay at home mom. Oh heck no! You need to take an interest in your child's life and know what is going on. It's not like she is at school giving bl.ow jo.bs behind the lockers which you may or may not ever find out about. This is occurring in your home. Every single day. Wake up and pay attention to her. She is crying out.
Her parent's were talking about what they were going to do to the dude. Umm this dude did nothing wrong. He talked to an 18 year old adopted Hawaiian chick living on a farm in Maryland that he met on the internet. He is not at fault. YOUR child is. Thankfully coworker does not mince words and gave her sister a lot of very helpful advice as to what to do with her daughter. If you guys have any advice it would be helpful as well. I told her to take an interest in her daughter, get her involved in activities that you guys can enjoy together and help work on her self esteem. That seriously kept my sister and I in line. I was awkward with acne (shoot I still have acne!) and for an entire year came home crying cuz I thought I was ugly yet I still didn't take crap from dudes or act out sexually, why? Cuz my momma told me there was more to life, that I was better than that, that I won't feel like this always and I don't want to regret my actions in the days to come when I realized how AWESOME I really am and we were always involved in something. We never just had idle time to sit around and concoct schemes up to get dudes. Man, I love my momma! Anyway. Parents... in 2009 take an interest in your children. Build their self esteem and self worth. Let them know that you think they are awesome even if they don't!


pink said...

my first thought was to beat her ass. but then, that wont do anything bc you have to start stuff like beating the daylights out of them when they are a child. i think they really need to talk to her and find out what the hell is going on. if she was just talkin to guys online then thats one thing, but shes given out her address which is completely retarded. i mean, when i was 14 i did things that i wasnt supposed to...but i knew better than to give out my address. the other thing to look at is why is she lying to this guy? i man, if she was that in love then why is she tellin his she lives on a farm? wait, also, why she send a fake pic and then accepted the web cam?? oh lord...yeah they need to talk to her and see what the hell is really good. but if they had been beatin her ass when she first started walkin then they wouldnt even be here...now would they??

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