Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bosslady strikes again!

Let me just tell you how glad I am now that my name was not on that presentation! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA It was such a blessing in disguise, I'm glad I didn't press the issue. I don't want to go into detail about all that went wrong because they might try to accuse me of telling some company secrets, lol. I will say this though. Bosslady showed her tail worse than I have ever seen it before. Everybody in our department has come to check on me this morning to see if I am ok. She was walking up and down the hall fussing at me accusing me of things I didn't do and blaming everybody and everything except herself for the things that were going wrong. Bosslady you are in charge of this, I can't print and bind until you tell me to. When did she finally say I could? Two hours before it was time to go. I had 12 73-page reports to do! Then she wouldn't even let me do it. She kept telling me to do other things, that she would handle it. Well let me tell you they were a mess! Yesterday as I ran up and down between floors people kept giving me this sympathetic look and offering their help. I was like you have to check with Bosslady, right now I just do as I'm told. I didn't really get stressed or upset because everybody was like "breathe, it's not you, it's her. Don't let her affect you." One person told me to "shake her @55 down and then cut her if she says something else mean to you." Needless to say I didn't take that advice, I would like to stay employed and out of jail. So after bosslady acted a fool all up in our office we finally got ready to go meet the client. 30 minutes late. One of the directors in our department came up to me at 1:45 and was like what time is your meeting? I looked at her like is this a trick question? I told her 2:30 you should have seen the look on her face. By the time we left our office we had to get from Rockville to Baltimore in 20 minutes in order to be on time. As I said, we didn't make it on time! Bosslady was trying to make me ride with her. No ma'am! Number 1, I may try to kill you for acting this way today 2. I don't want to be near you right now, I need to call my mom and talk about you 3. I'm not coming back to this office today I'm taking my behind to church tonight because if I don't you may not live! She was walking behind me in the parking garage talking about: "I really think you should ride with us, it will be safer, I'll know you will be on time, what if something happens?" My response: I kept walking like she wasn't talking. No way was I getting in her car.

It made me smile that my coworkers all tried to come to my rescue yesterday and they came today to check on me. Bosslady isn't here yet and I want to see if any of the people higher up than her have a little talk with her. I sure hope so because yesterday her behavior was not cool!


pink said...

oh hell no! she trippin. i woulda had to have a lil talk wit her. it might not have been so pleaseant either.

Mrs Count said...

Yes she was quite "extra" yesterday! Today I re-did all of the books by myself. How long did it take me? One hour.....she should feel like a fool for causing all that drama trying to do it all herself.

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