Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Did you tell The Count to beat me?

We have a big client presentation tomorrow and I'm putting together all the books for that today and we'll be prepping tomorrow morning. Not sure if I'll make it back on here to post anything of substance, lol. I've been having all these brilliant ideas lately (well I think they're great) and I can't wait to share them :) Ohhh on a good note, I bought The Count's wedding band yesterday!!!!!! I was so excited. He showed me the one he wanted and it was 1. So daggon expensive we could have furnished our bedroom with that thing and 2. Looked very gay. He was like what do you mean? I was like that ring does not look masculine at all to me, I think you got caught up in the bling. So I picked out some different rings and told him I would come back and see what he liked. During my absence in the store I bought a pair of shoes, a cardigan, and a pair of $175 BCBG (my favorite brand) pants for $29. Did you hear me? TWENTY NINE DOLLARS!!!! I was doing my happy dance all around the store and then my sister made me leave because she knew I was about to go on a spending spree that would get me a stern lecture from The Count. When I got back to the store he was ready to show me the ring he wanted and I got it, check that off the list!

Oh did I tell you guys what this lady said when my sister and I went into another store to buy the count a ring? It was a really big and bulky ring because he has big hands. When the lady picked it up to hand it to me she said "ohhh if you get him this one you better not make him mad." I looked at her like excuse me? My little ignorant behind sister was like "what's he gonna do, BEAT her!!!??" She was so loud!! Then we both started cracking up imagining him looking at me like:

"Look here Therapeutic, you done made me mad today," pause to shine the ring "and since I have this big ring on my finger" pause to look at the ring as he makes a fist "I'm now going to beat you with it"

People were looking at us like we were stupid walking through the mall acting it out. I know domestic violence is real and that some women live in fear over that tragedy. However, since when is it a sales tactic??? I still can't figure out why she would say that, I still laugh every time I think about her fearing for my life! Now that I think about it, maybe she was crying out for help, let me go back there and give her a number for a violence hotline. Anytime you see a big ring and assume an @ss whooping will follow must mean you've had your fair share of them.....awww man, now the story's not funny anymore :(

(oh and I guess I did have time to write a post, go figure, lol)


pink said...

lmao!!!! no really i am over here dying!!!!! omg....WHOOOOO! OK....

HAHA AHHAHAhah aha ahah ahaha!!!

seriously that is soooo funny. why the hell would she say that?! maybe she was crying out for help. idk...im sorry but i think that shit is funny. omg if someone said that to me i would have cracked up laffin in her FACE!! omg...i need to leave so i can catch my breath. my stomach hurts and i cant breath right now...seriously...

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