Thursday, September 11, 2008

30 days?

If you are not a fan of weddings, love, God, or happy people you may want to avoid my spot for the next month! You've been warned :)

I'm getting married in a month. 30 days. 4 weeks. What the heck???? Where did the time go? People keep asking if I'm nervous. Not just about pledging the rest of my life to the Count but about the wedding in general. I always reply no. They look perplexed and ask me if I know it's crunch time and do I have everything together. I still tell them no and then they wonder why I'm not panicking. This is why: I am far too lazy to panic. If I stress about it that means I have to do something about it. Which I have no intention of doing. I assign myself a task a day and if it doesn't get done, oh well there's tomorrow; and hey, I always know my bridesmaids are up for a week of all nighters getting the job done. I thrive under pressure. Every single semester of college I spent the final week getting no sleep. The Count and I became mad men studying, researching, and writing. My last semester I stayed at home and my mom was in awe. She would come down at 4 a.m. and see me asleep at the computer desk and tell me to get in my bed so I can be rested. I pop up, proclaim "that was a power nap" and get back to work. Read an entire semester's worth of books. Researched and wrote 15 page papers on topics I never even thought about. And studied for tests for classes I hadn't attended since the midterm. And I rocked every single assignment. Want to know the secret?

God loves me a lot! Hahaha, he knows I am crazy as can be and He always has my back. Seriously there is no way I should have passed college. I brought C's and D's up to A's with my finals. This next month I will definitely be focused on God's love because I am certainly going to need him to calm me down and give me strength. He's hasn't let me down yet, and I don't think He'll start now, He's awesome like that, ya know?

Today's tasks: Writing thank you cards for the bridal shower, ordering unity sand and floating candles, making my hair appointment for Tuesday, and getting my eyebrows threaded this evening. No more, no less. It will all get done.


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