Monday, September 22, 2008

Say What??

This weekend was spent full of laughter! Oh the random conversations!

This one happened as soon as I walked into MamaCount’s house:
NieceCount: “TM!!!!!” Followed by a huge hug, “When are you going to have children with my Uncle J?”
Me: “When you are 11. Wait, how old are you now?”
NieceCount: “I’m 7.”
Me: “When you are 13, provided you do all the babysitting for us.”
NieceCount: “I will babysit.”
Me: “Well then, let’s get this thing on paper! Have you ever signed a contract before?”
NieceCount: “No”
Me: “Great, let’s get to it.” It reads I, Niece Count agree to baby sit any and all of TM’s and Count’s Children. My duties will begin on my 13th birthday. I agree that the only compensation I will receive is whatever food is in the kitchen. And yes, I made her sign it. Yes SisterCount was all in the background screaming telling her not to sign it. Oh well, I have it on file and I will drag her butt to court if she doesn’t watch my kids!

TheCount and I were in Target:
TheCount: “Ohhh, Baby come here!”
Me: I look over and see this excited look on his face. He’s in electronics so I’m thinking the stereo system he showed me last week was on clearance. I put my magazine down and walk over, “Yes honey?”
TC: “Look,” he tells me, while pointing to a TV.
Me: “At what?”
TC: “This TV, It’s perfect.”
Me: “This $500 TV? This TV that isn’t even on sale? I know you didn’t call me over here for this!”
TC: “But we need another TV for when Comcast comes on Monday.”
Me: “In the interest of saving our marriage, I’m going to walk away and pretend this conversation never happened.”
Y’all TheCount got so sad, like we were really about to buy that TV! We don’t even have a bedroom set and this fool wants another TV? I could have slapped him, lol. He pouted for like 5 minutes. I’m still praying that he was joking.

My dad had just gotten out of the shower and decided to sit on my bed and talk to me, while wrapped only in a towel:
Me: “If you don’t get your naked butt off my bed!”
Dad: Sooo, y’all getting cable installed on Monday?”
Me: “Yes, get off my bed.”
Dad: “Well are y’all getting hi-def and stuff?”
Me: No, we don’t have a hi-def TV. The shows are the same, why pay more? Get off my bed before I kick you off.”
Dad: “Well, how much are y’all paying?”
Me: “$66 for cable and internet each month for 6 months, then $100 a month. GET OFF MY BED!”
Dad: “Woowww, that’s expensive.”
Me: “Daddy, shut up. I guarantee, it’s cheaper than what you pay and go put some clothes on.”
Dad: “We are paying $100 for hi-def, 3 dvr’s, and fios internet, come on let me show you.”
Me: “You show me you in some clothes and then we’ll talk. Get off my bed!”

After he finally put a darn robe on, we went to go look. This fool is paying $180 a month for his cable, internet, and phone. I looked at him like you big dummy, I knew you didn’t know what you were talking about. He was like Mama TM, is it this much every month (you see who pays the bills in the house, lol)? She looked at him like, “I know this fool is not serious.”

And of course the funniest conversation of the weekend was between my mom and dad. My dad kept on asking my mom stupid questions that he could fix himself. “Where is the garment presser (this HUGE iron like machine that you can’t miss if you actually look for it)?” She told him to go look before asking dumb questions and then I swore I heard her mumble “this man is going to make me divorce him” but she denied it. Sunday evening he took it to another level when he couldn’t find the cord to the griddle. He was yelling downstairs at my mom to come find it since she put it away. She yelled back” well put it away your own darn self and we won’t have this problem, I’m going to throw it away next time. I can’t even reach the shelf!” A few minutes later I found my mom walking around muttering “this man is going to make me divorce him.” The Count and I were screaming laughing!


Jamila said...

Let that man get his TV!

If the money is situation is fine then a $500 TV really isn't that big of a deal. I totally understand the fact that there are "more important" things to buy but trust me.... There will always be "more important" to pay off, pick up, put towards when $$$ is involved.

Now, if getting the TV means sleeping on the floor than all I can say is "Count, quit tripping"!

Mrs Count said...

He is not getting that tv!!!!! I will list the things that $500 would be better spent on:
**clearing throat**
1. Our honeymoon expenses
2. Finish paying the photographer
3. Groomsmen gifts (he's buying them all shoes)
4. The 2million other things to finish before the wedding
5. A place to sleep and put our clothes in the bedroom.
6. Another couch since our living room only has seating for us, lol
7. Groceries

I will say it again: HE AINT GETTING THAT TV!!!! LOL

pink said...

get it for him for xmas...that gives you time to save up. and your father is way outta line for sittin his damp nekkid-underneath-his-towel-behind on your bed!

Mrs Count said...

If we get a TV it will be on Black Friday and his behind will sleep outside of BestBuy to wait for it. That is it, I have spoken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Let me post this before he comes and reads what I wrote, lol)

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