Tuesday, September 9, 2008

MamaTM on naughty shower gifts:

Funniest conversation ever:

Auntie: "Therapeutic is just going to have to get over her shyness."
MamaTM: Why? Because she doesn't want everybody knowing what fabric is covering her butt?"
Auntie: "Well no, but everybody was scared to get her anything too bad at the shower because they didn't want to embarrass her."
MamaTM: "What like a whip and handcuffs? Who uses that stuff anyway? And if they do, they shouldn't. I wish somebody would try to beat me! I would be DI-VORCED"

HAHAHAHAHA! MamaTM always makes me laugh.


antithesis said...

lmao at your mama! i promise it's not my fault number 5 happened. but still be careful what you read on my blog. maybe ill put out a disclaimer.

Mrs Count said...

Please put up a disclaimer!

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