Monday, September 8, 2008

Pictures of the shower!!!

These are the pictures from my Together for Eterni-Tea Surprise Bridal Shower:

I had just gotten downstairs and was greeting my sister. I was probably squeezing the life out of her, I was so excited!

MamaCount and MamaTM had to get up and "shake what their mama's gave them." It was sooo funny!

The spread at the beginning of the shower.

This was after everybody had eaten (notice the empty stands, lol). In the orange is SisterTm and in the Burgundy is SisterCount

This is the tea bar. There was ginger ale tea, mango tea, strawberry tea, regular tea and my cousin brought orange spice tea later.


antithesis said...

yall some tea drinkin' folk. the shower looks so nice and classy. looks like everyone had a good time. congrats!

Mrs Count said...

Tea is my anti-drug, lol.

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